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Laptops! They’re pretty brilliant. The invention of a portable device containing everything we need for work and pleasure has brought new levels of convenience to our modern lives. But it ain’t all just magic in a box. Get a greater understanding of your laptop with our handy guide to its internal workings.  

What's inside a laptop? From Motherboards to RAM and Processors of SSDs.


Now you know what’s in them, get yourself one. Head to ebuyer.com for a comprehensive collection of laptops.  



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  1. I’d really like to see a better selection of laptops that come pre-installed with Linux (my favorite distro is Ubuntu).

    It really annoys me when I see a company like Dell release the XPS 13 with Ubuntu pre-installed, but the Dell XPS 13 with Ubuntu installed costs $100 more, and it comes with a CPU that’s a generation older than the Dell XPS 13 with Windows. What the hell?

    This is the reason I prefer to buy all my laptops from System76.

  2. As usual, no mention about laptops and packages “for people whose eyes do not work”!!!!!!!!!

    A well known brand – to most sight impaired users – offers “an access suite” costing anything between £700 and £1000 – between three and five times the price of the ccheaper ranges!!!!!!

    Is it not time to put a stop to “this minority” being priced out of the market everybody else takes for granted??


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