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The smartphone rumour mill has had a third of 2015 in order to formulate ideas on the year’s biggest and best devices. If you’re likely to be on the hunt for a shiny new smartphone at some point this year, then it’s likely to turn out to be one of these.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Announced at the recent Mobile World Congress, Samsung are looking to haul back their dwindling mobile sales by taking the flagship brand in a new direction. Innovation is the name of the game for the Edge, as Samsung look to overhaul some the previously samey design of the Galaxy range. The Edge’s design, not altogether surprisingly, takes a lot from its title. Breaking free from the traditional straight-on screen, the Edge has a curved display that wraps itself around the sides of the device.

The 5.1 inch Super AMOLED display not only looks sublime, but adds an extra layer of functionality. One side harbours all your primary smartphone features, such as messages and calls. Adjacently, the Edge will become a beacon of information: offering the time, weather and certain notifications. Elsewhere, you get the impressive list of specs that you might expect from a flagship smartphone. The Edge is powered by 3GB of RAM and their own octa-core Exynos processor. Two cameras (16 MP rear, 5 MP front) and wireless charging also included.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was released in the UK on the 10th April. Early reports suggest this could be the kick-starting success Samsung have craved, with demand currently outstripping supply.




Image- Samsung


The LG G3 was a phenomenal device. Beautifully designed, packed full of power and featuring some tidy innovations- the G3 was the best phone of 2014 for many. Quite the act to follow for the G4 then.

The official announcement isn’t due until April 28th, but that hasn’t stopped LG from dripping out a few tantalising teasers to get us all the in the mood. The biggest of which is the confusion over the G4’s case. ‘Leaks’ (carried out by LG themselves) have confirmed there will in fact be a number of leather-clad G4s. Coming in a choice of six different coloured leathers, LG are taking consumer choice to new heights. Previously, the G4 had been leaked in a sleek metal casing. With a standard range of plastic devices also a guarantee, LG-enthusiasts have been a little bit spoilt.

Rounding up the other rumours, the G4 will have a QHD IPS Quantum Display (1440×2560) – which will be 25% brighter and pump out a 20% wider range of colours. With 3GB of RAM and a beefier 16MP camera, the G4 will no doubt sport an impressive set of specs to join its fancy new coat.

LG G4-970-80

Image- Techradar

Microsoft Lumia 940

It can be a little bit difficult to get excited about Microsoft’s mobile efforts. Their partnership with Nokia was a bit of a disaster, and their market share is still woefully small. Anticipation for the upcoming Lumia 940 is abnormally high however, due to it’s new on board operating system. The Lumia 940 will be one of the first to run Microsoft’s one-platform-fits-all OS, Windows 10.

As a replacement for the Lumia 930, the 940 is likely to position itself amongst the lower-end of the flagship demographic (around £450). PhoneArena have posted a list of specs for the device. Amongst them is a Snapdragon 805 processor, 3GB of RAM and a 5-inch full-HD screen. Early adopters saw their technical preview for mobile Windows 10 expire on the 15th April. The late summer/early Autumn release schedule Microsoft have set themselves is well on course. The Lumia 940 is likely to launch alongside that very OS.


Image- Microsoft

Sony Xperia Z4

Usually one of the busiest smartphone developers out there, Sony have been suspiciously quiet in 2015 so far. Previously known for updating their flagship device, the Xperia Z range, every six months, we are yet to see any official launch of the next edition, the Z4. Crippled by a succession of mediocre sales performances, some suggestions were made that Sony may be on their way out the smartphone business. Ever since however, a number of pointers have emerged to counter that theory. The Z4 is merely delayed, not cancelled.

The recent Sony Picture hacks have played no small part in all but confirming the Z4’s existence. Amongst the droves of leaked emails are indications that the Z4 has been delayed to coincide with upcoming Bond Film ‘Spectre’. Director Sam Mendes and lead actor Daniel Craig are rumoured to be involved in the design of the product. That would suggest a release date sometime in November.

Aside from that, little news on the design and specs of the Z4 can be presented with any great assurance. PC Advisor have rounded up the best of the blog site rumours, and we’ll post a couple of the leaked images below.


Xperia Z4

Images- Techradar

HTC One M9

Another device to have already hit the shelves, HTC have continued their good from with the One M9. Released in the UK on the 31st March, the M9 builds on everything that was good about its little sister- the One M8. Built around a superbly designed metallic casing, (HTC say each one is hand-finished by craftsmen) the M9 looks like a marvellous piece of premium kit. The specs match the M9’s air of superiority. Snapdragon’s flagship processor, the octa-core Qualcomm 810, is built in, and runs alongside 3GB of RAM. The 5-inch Super LCD3 screen is pinned at 1080p, but this only allows the 2840 mAh battery to last that little bit longer than AMOLED-sporting devices.

As mentioned above, the HTC One M9 is out now. For those of us looking for a new phone right now, this should be your first stop.


Image- HTC

iPhone 6S/ 6C

Any smartphone worth its salt has to mention Apple in some capacity. The world’s leading manufacturer have remained tight lipped so far with regards to what they’re bringing to the table in 2015. What’s almost certain is that Apple will indeed release a device in some capacity before the year is out. History suggests it will be their ‘S’ and/or ‘C’ models, and we wouldn’t be surprise to see another dual-release come this Winter.

As for the devices themselves, Apple tends to leave most of the big improvements for their bi-annual flagship releases. As such, expect the iPhone 6S to sport much the same design and general features as the 2014’s iPhone 6. What might get a little boost is the components held inside. The 6S is likely to come with an A9 chip (up from the A8 in the 6 and 6-Plus). The RAM is also likely to get a boost from the 1GB the current models hold.

Aside from that, you might also expect the iPhone 6S to harbour an all new operating system. iOS 9 is likely to make an appearance during 2015, and the 6S will probably be the first place you can get your hands on it.



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