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Your desktop PC is a Pandora’s Box of technological mastery. Have you ever thought to delve inside and ponder the brilliance help within? Well now, you don’t have to. Take a wander through our run down of the components that make up your desktop PC. 


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  1. The Hard drive, ROM? Seriously? Apart from the important fact that you write to the hard drive all the time, the hard disk is persistent memory but certainly not ROM.

    Most people won’t be concerned with the ROM in their PC, generally speaking you’d only find a tiny bit of it (and more likely EEPROM) on your Motherboard with the BIOS on it. Mentioning it only serves to confuse less experienced people. A better example might have been a CD or DVD disc.

    The advice given in this blog is frequently wrong, Ebuyer should really proofread these posts before making them.

  2. Great info on these pages of yours.
    I enjoy them very much.
    Unfortunately I am not inm a position to buy any thing from you sitting in India.
    But still I read your mails to get more and more info about all kinds of technologies and innovations

  3. Why did you mention Rom? There is no need to and will only confuse people. To be honest, this article barely explains a desktop pc at all. Maybe it`ll interest an infant.

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