Why your business needs a server


Think of servers, and you’ll probably dismiss them as only required to manage corporations and large businesses. On the contrary, the server should form the backbone of any small business worth its salt.

Regardless of your business’ size, be it a team as small as three or four, the right technology can make your business more efficient. Invest in a server and make your business safer, more secure and ultimately more productive.

What can a server bring to my business?

Businesses small, medium or large will all benefit from incorporating a server into their IT processes. Data is vital to the continued success of any organisation. As employees handle increasing amounts of it, often remotely through modern portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, an increased amount of storage is required. If there is one piece of tech that you need to meet all the needs of a modern business, it’s a server.


Server in hand, you need the right software to maximise what that new bit of tech can bring. HP have developed a range of micro-servers built for users taking their first dip into the market. Match your first HP server with Windows Server 2012 Essentials, developed from the ground up to enhance small business productivity.

To do so, if offers a three pronged attack on achieving your business goals.

Enhance your data and computer protection

With Windows Server 2012 Essentials (built for business’ with less than 25 users), a number of features are on hand to give you the peace of mind that all your data is safe and secure, no matter what happens. Daily, automatic backups of every system hooked up to your server ensures that nothing ever gets lost. Built-in disaster recovery means that in the unlikely scenario of theft, fire or flood, you can be sure that every last piece of your organisation’s jigsaw is safely stored in Microsoft’s online backup service in the cloud.

Ultimately, a server can bring simplicity. Centralising each and every device on your network into a simple, single IT dashboard ensures each device is left to up to data, secure, given the correct access levels and easily monitored. With a server and Windows Server 2012 Essentials, you save on a whole lot of time, allowing you to get on with improving your business.

Give your team freedom and flexibility

In modern business, the ability to have access to work resources wherever you are is paramount to improving productivity on the move. Devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops can be a part of your network just like the office PC. With a Windows powered Server, you can be in the office even when you’re not.

Again, the centralised nature of a server works wonders for bringing all your network’s data together, allowing you to find the files you need quickly and easily wherever you are. Linked with Office 365, you can sync your email, calendar and contacts across devices, ensuring you never miss an appointment or vital communication. Plus, with Windows Defender, all your systems are protected against harmful security threats, spyware and performance-damaging pop-ups.

And again, it’s all done in a simple and centralised position, continuing to secure your business’ data round the clock.

Simplify your path to the Cloud

Cloud computing represents a huge opportunities for all businesses looking to improve their productivity in a competitive technological world. Reduce infrastructure costs, increase the flexibility and agility of your workforce, and banish your IT demons. All thanks to the magic of the cloud.


Not only will your employees enjoy the wonders of a consistent connection to the cloud, but so too will customers, vendors and partners. With a cloud-connected server, you can collaborate with various stakeholders by sharing documents and information amongst those you wish to share it with. Spread the word of your service but still maintain complete control over your confidential and sensitive information.

Bringing the power of the cloud back to your employees, Office 365 can blend seamlessly with Windows Server 2012 Essentials to enhance the productivity programmes you use every day. Take Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Combine them into one single, easy-to-use dashboard and manage all your daily output. Allow employees to collaborate on documents, share and store information safely and securely, and access all the documents you need remotely.

All thank to the cloud and Windows Server 2012 Essentials.

So, do I need a server?



Managing your business from one centralised location saves on all the things mentioned above, but ultimately takes the heat off your IT team. With all your data locked into one tight-knit server, you can save money on problematic maintenance and infrastructure costs, and be left to do what’s important- running your business and allowing it to grow.

And there is only one real choice. HP have developed a range of servers for small businesses, allowing you to select a product that brings all the advantages named above, straight out of the box.


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