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HP logo printerHP’s new line of LaserJet printers has been designed with three principles in mind: Smaller, Faster and Cheaper.hp next gen printer title

The next generation of LaserJets are suited for a range of printing environments from the home office right up to enterprise level, and It’s clear from the outset that HP have stuck to their principles.

In fact, HP have been pretty bold in their claims that the new range, on average, is 40% faster, 40% smaller (in form factor) and uses 53% less energy. Pretty damn good figures for the businesses and home office users out there.

We took a look at four printers taken from the new line of HP Laserjets and some of the features of them. The range is designed for varying degrees of workloads, office size, features and of course budgets.

What’s New?

So what’s actually new when it comes to the next generation HP printer?

Size This is going to be the first thing you notice when you see the new models, they are simply small, no other way to put it! We actually thought they were all home consumer printers when they first came in the office, and were very surprised to see enterprise printer spec on such a small form factor.

HP claim on average their new generation printers are up to 40% smaller than the competition… and you can see where they’re coming from. The M506 enterprise LaserJet is 315mm x 412mm x 447, however it still has a 650 sheet capacity.

JetIntelligence Toner– The third generation of HP toner comes in the form of the rather elaborately named “JetIntelligence”. The new technology incorporates ColorSphere 3 toner, effectively tiny electrically charged ‘toner particles’ with a hard shell and soft core. These tiny charged balls of ink allow for very tight packaging (smaller toner), fast internal movement and super-efficient printing.

The long and short of it is, more pages per toner, higher page yield, less energy to print a page and a smaller faster printer.

Quick First Page Out HP’s new printers can print a first page out quicker from sleep than many other, which means you don’t need to keep the printer running, cutting your electricity costs. Almost all of the new range will have your first page out in under 10 seconds and the black and white printers can spit that first copy out in under 6 seconds!

Duplex Print Speed HP printers have a smart new way to manage paper movement through the device. This means that the duplex printers have the same print speed whilst printing double sided as in single-side mode.

Security- The last few years have seen a rise in the need for additional security on many office and home printers. With printers now containing processors, memory, storage and networking capabilities, your humble home printer is now open to the same threats as a networked computer.

To combat this HP have implemented multi-level protection to their new line of printers. For example the enterprise edition printers will wipe and reboot their bios if it detects an unauthorised presence. There are also encrypted HHD, select user login and even lockable toner.


The Range

So that’s what’s new, let’s take a look at the breakdown of our featured printers:

Laserjet Pro 400 M402dnHP Laserjet m402

The M402dn is HPs entry level home office device. The black & white printer is ideal for home office use or for small banks of desks within a business. The unit is incredibly lightweight with a small form factor ideal for the home office where space is a premium.

Even though it’s the smallest in its class, the M402 has speed on its side and will print the first page of paper as fast as 5.6 seconds. The M402 come with Network and USB capability, prints up to 38 ppm and has duplex printing capabilities.

Ideal for: Home Office and Small Teams

Key Points: Compact, Light, Fast Printing Speed, Print from Mobile, Great value

Tech Spec: Black & White, Duplex Printing & Network compatible

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HP Color Laserjet Pro M452nwHP Laserjet 452

The next step up on the HP range is the M452 colour printer. This LaserJet Pro is designed for colour printing at home or for small office teams.

With efficiency and size in mind, the M452 is 9% smaller than its predecessor, is energy efficient (Lowest TEC- 1.37 Kwh/week), can print 27 colour pages per minute and has inbuilt security, including Pin Protection and Intrusion Detection.

The printer comes with Gigabit Ethernet Networking and is wireless compatible. You can print from WiFi direct, ePrint, AirPrint and Google Cloud Print. You’ll also reload paper less often, with a tray capacity of 300 sheets of paper (up to 850 with additional paper tray).

Ideal for: Small Teams, large home office

Key Points: Compact, Light, Quality Colour Prints, High Yield Cartridge, Fast wake-up.

Tech Spec: Colour Printing, Network & Wireless Compatible 

Full details


HP Laserjet Pro 400 M426fdwHP laserjet426

For those wanting a multifunction printer the HP M426 is a great addition to any print setup. Designed for the home office and small business team, the compact printer/scanner/fax is an ideal business hub. Unlike many fax & scanner units the M426 is a manageable size, ideal for small business or multitasking home offices.

The M426fdw comes with helpful features including easy slide scanner tray and NFC contactless printing. Gigabit Ethernet, wireless connectivity and fax compatible.

You also get 38 page per minute printing, a 250-sheet paper tray, a dual-head scanner and automatic duplex printing.

The scanner is designed with easy use in mind with a rather handy slide off glass top and a clever slow-close lid to stop you slamming the top onto your nice new glass tray.

The new M426 comes with HP security features like JetAdvantage Private Print, LDAP and Pin protected printing.

Full details

Ideal for: Small Office teams, Multi-Use Home office

Key Points: Compact, Built-In Scanner, NFC commands, FAX, Cloud Printing, fast wake-up easy use.

Tech Spec: Black & White, Duplex Printing, FAX, Network & Wireless Compatible


Hp Laserjet Enterprise M506dnHP laserjet m506

HP have made some serious strides in the enterprise range, none more so than with the M506 series. Purely on size you’d be hard pushed to find anything on the market that is so neat and tidy whist still cramming all the features needed for business printing.

The M506 series is designed for small to medium office teams, with In built security features and handy extras for faster, more efficient office printing.

In terms of simple speed the M506dn is 52% faster on first page out (6 seconds) than it’s predecessor, 7% faster on general print speed and can now whip out a very respectable 43pages per minute- ideal for busy offices.

Size-wise, well it’s 30% smaller than the last line of HP LaserJets and by far the smallest enterprise printer on the market with similar features. However it’s not all about shrinking size, HP have engineered a 44% increase in toner capacity and implemented the handy ‘ream plus’ 550 sheet tray.

Users will also get NFC touch to print, a pivoting 4.3 colour touchscreen and in-built enterprise security such as HDD encryption and wipe & reboot protection

Ideal for: small to medium office groups

Key Points: Compact, Business Security Protection, Deep Tray (550 pages), eco print, Card Pull Technology, Fast Printing & WakeUp.

Tech Spec: Black & White, duplex printing, network compatible

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