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PCs are the mainstay of any business, so implementing new technologies and software to make your office run more efficient should be a big part of your plans. After purchasing your PC infrastructure, businesses should consider how to best utilize their accessories.   

The correct range and use of accessories like headsets, mice, keyboards and webcams can, in the long run, reduce costs, raise working conditions and improve employee productivity


The range of new Microsoft PC accessories benefit businesses and consumers across the spectrum, from small business needing to reduce costs and boost in productivity to medium and large size ventures looking to modernize their systems.
Whether your employees work remotely or at the office, Microsoft PC accessories are designed for your business needs.

So what are the actual benefits of using some of these Microsoft PC accessories?
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Reduce costs
Microsoft accessories are built to work seamlessly with Microsoft software, and with a huge proportion of global business working on Windows-focused PCs it means your hardware is easy to use and set up.


PC accessories make it easier to work anywhere. Products like LifeCam and LifeChat devices are certified for Microsoft Lync and Skype, making it easy for employees to collaborate via webcam reducing the need for costly travel.
Increase productivity
Microsoft PC accessories are designed for comfort and mobility, which in turn greatly benefits productivity.
Specially designed Ergonomic mice and keyboards can help reduce the risk of common repetitive strain injuries (RSIs) and loss of work time due to preventable office injuries.


On the other side of this more compact mobile mice and keyboards make it easy to work on the road (or train). These portable peripherals are designed with size and weight in mind and can keep you more productive and comfortable, whilst still being able to use smaller travelling PC devices like laptops and tablets.


Employee satisfaction
From superior comfort to more compact mobile designs, Microsoft is a leading manufacturer for PC accessories. If you’re looking to kit your office out with high quality, effective and comfortable devices, Microsoft’s range can fit the bill.

Anything that helps make the business and, of course, work easier will be a hit with your employees and the business.


The Microsoft Range

Micemicrosoft peripherals mice

Key range features:

  • Designed for comfort and portability
  • BlueTrack Technology
  • Customizable buttons
  • Long life battery


Keyboardsmicrosoft peripherals keyboards

Key range features:

  • Advanced ergonomic design
  • Cushioned palm rest
  • Palm lift
  • Windows desktop shortcuts
  • Bluetooth connectivity


Webcams and Headsetsmicrosft peripherals webcams

Key range features

  • 1080p HD video recording
  • 720p HD video chat
  • High precision glass element lens
  • Premium digital audio
  • Convenient call initiate/ terminate button
  • Noise cancelling microphoneebuyer-logocreate paperless office title

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