How To Replace a HDD With A SSD

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Looking to upgrade your laptop’s internal storage but don’t know how to replace your old hard drive? Well, we have the perfect guide for you. In this video we’re going to to show you how to safely replace your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with a Solid State Drive (SSD).

SSD drives are a great option for those wanting speed and versatility whilst also saving on weight. With SSDs now falling price, it’s the perfect time to upgrade your laptop or PC for gaming or simply to update an old system.

How to: Swap your HDD for a SSD:

How to replace a HDD with a SSD Steps:

1- First off locate the hard drive bay, (usually a smallish rectangle shape on the back of the laptop)

2- Remove any affixing screws around the HDD bay. It’s important you remove every screw as to not damage the laptop.

3- If your laptop has a caddy, remove any screws holding the actual HDD in place.

4- Gently pull or release the HDD from the bay. You will usually need to slide the HDD a little away from the connector pins (be careful to not damage the connector but it might need a little jiggle)

5- Take the HDD out of the bay, again watching for any connections (Keep the HDD safe if you’re using it again). 

6- Unscrew (or slide) the HDD out of the caddy and replace the HDD with your new SSD.

7- Re-screw the new SSD into the caddy, making sure all pins line up. 

8- Put the new SSD (in-caddy) back inside the open bay, remembering to line up the pins and re-screw.

9- Seal up the unit, and go.

A Few Warnings: 

-Each laptop will be laid out a little different so please check the manufacturer guide as to the design. 

-Make sure to clear that static before diving in!

-Your warranty may be voided by opening your laptop. Take your laptop to a specialist if you have any concerns.

– New SSD/HDDs will not have an Operating System (OS) preloaded, so you will need to either clone your previous drive, or reload the OS onto the blank drive.

 – Remember to backup or copy any files you want to save from your existing HDD to move over to the SSD.

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