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4k lfd titleLarge Format Displays, the mainstay of businesses, schools and leisure facilities have advanced in the last few year thanks to the influx of high-definition displays.  4K HD has allowed these LFD monitors to keep up with their smaller TV and monitor counterparts what it comes to quality picture, but why should you look for 4K LFD for your business?


Visual technology is at an incredible level compared to where it was even just a few years ago. Screens are getting bigger and resolution higher.  HD was once considered to be the ultimate display solution but the advent of 4K has taken the use of LFDs to a whole new level with screens of up 100” now being affordable for all businesses.


What is 4K?

So let’s start out with the basics of 4K, or Ultra High Definition, has around four times the pixel density of a HD screen.  In numbers that equates to a resolution of 4096 x 2160 (though usually adapted to 3840 x 2160) compared to 1920 x 1080.   All of which equates to eight million pixels being used to create an incredible, has to be seen to be believed, display.  In short, 4K blows HD out of the water; the difference is astonishing.  On an extra-large screen ultra HD makes any marketing message instantly more powerful.


LFD – Just a TV by another name?lfd samsung

Ok, we’ve got 4K but why not just buy a TV? What makes LFD better suited to business?

Well, unlike normal TVs Large Format Display screens are designed to operate continuously 24/7.  They are much more robust than domestic televisions and, generally, tend to be much larger.  LFDs can also have high-performance video processors and CPUs with built-in audio and content management systems.  Importantly, given their round the clock output, they are much more energy efficient and reliable than household TVs. LFD also often have a wider array of input formats so presentations or media devices are easily accommodated for.



If you’re looking to fill big office space, screen size can be huge factor. With TVs easily topping 50″ How large can these LFDs actually go?

The clue is in the name, but a Large Format Display can be anything from a modest 32” to an eye-popping 98”.  As most are used as single screens in isolation 46” to 60” HD screens are the common sizes found in most businesses for both internal and external display.  But, to get the most from 4K, the bigger the better and above 80” provides a stunning showcase for products or marketing messages.


Broadcast your message

LFDs are a great way to get any marketing message across. Maybe it’s because looking at TV is hardwired into our DNA that LFDs are so effective? Whether delivering a marketing message, imparting information, or as a sales tool they are an ideal way to engage and interact with clients or the public. From scrolling messages in a doctor’s waiting room, looping presentations in a design agencies foyer, or showcasing products in a shopping centre, the ways they can be used is virtually limitless.

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