Why Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro?

why buy windows 10 pro featureLooking to upgrade to Windows 10 from an older version of Windows? Or is your business looking to get more out of the new Microsoft operating system, well Windows 10 Pro might be the best option for your business.

Upgrading to Windows 10 Pro can give your business a number of advantages over the standard home edition. From easily managing devices and enterprise security to the familiar Windows ecosystem, Windows 10 Pro gives your business the flexibility to do great things.

So what are the advantages of Windows 10 Pro?

Why Upgrade to Windows 10 Pro


Familiar use; if your business is used to working with Microsoft operating systems Windows 10 will be a familiar face to its users. With easy access setting and a simple interface Windows 10 is designed for simplicity and time-saving

With continuum, Windows 10 Pro works cross-platform meaning you get the same familiar experience across all your W10 Pro devices. W10 Pro is tailored to the individual form factor with all your work, files and data moving freely across  your devices.


For working on the go Windows 10 Pro integrates perfectly with the cloud. Whether that is SaaS apps for SMBS, online office apps or synchronised setting across your devices Windows 10Ppro keeps your data up to speed.

Windows 10 Pro also syncs with Outlook, so you don’t miss out on a meeting or an important email and has an inbuilt one drive storage.

Windows 10 Pro allows the user to manage devices with a light touch, using cloud-based tools that scale up or down quickly with business needs. User can work with a single MDM solution, even Office 365, to manage devices, and use one secure log-in across Windows, OneDrive, and Office 365 with Azure AD join.

Easy setup

Setting up Windows 10 Pro is also kept as simple as possible, with handy features like configuration with a single file and step by step set up, it becomes simple for small business to engineer and manage their IT infrastructure.



Security is paramount importance for modern business especially when it comes to computing, customers and networked devices. Windows 10 Pro comes with a number of security features to keep your business and its customers safe.

With features like Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport, it’s easier to create a user-friendly way to move away from passwords.

Technologies like BitLocker help protect critical information from power-on to power-off and programmes such as Trusted boot, checks to see if the firmware has the correct certification to avoid malicious programming infecting and hacking into a network.

Other features like Windows SmartScreen keep you protected online. SmartScreen Filter detects phishing websites and can also help protect you from downloading or installing malware.

Windows 10 Pro also focuses heavily on identity protection with breach, theft and phishing proofing as well as the option of two-factor authentication.

Why go Pro?

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