Improving Business Security with Windows 10 Pro

business security w10 pro titleWhen it comes to security, businesses need to be one step ahead of the game. The risk of anything from data loss to network breach can cost companies billions in legal fees, security patches and, of course, customer loss.

With mobile devices, including tablets, smartphones and hybrids rising in popularity across many office it’s clear to see where the weaknesses may lie.

Think about your personal devices, let’s say a smartphone. Do you connect to the business network, do you have access to secure files, do you deal with sensitive emails? Yes to any? Well, is your smartphone actually secure to a ‘business’ level?

In many cases the answer is a resounding no. Now times this by everyone else in the office and maybe throw in some tablets and laptops and you can see the potential for catastrophe.

For hackers, many business active in the modern workplace are simply ‘easy pickings’ because they are not suitably defended against cyber threats. Mobile devices, BYOD offices and networked workspaces are often simply not well equipped to deter even minor cyber threats and the loss to business can be huge.

Windows Security

If you’re a business looking to upgrade your PCs, Laptops and Tablets or simply looking to improve existing IT devices, Windows 10 Pro should be considered the top of your list.

A new Windows 10 Pro device enables your business to take advantage of innovative features, assets and programs, purpose built to improve your experience and help improve security.

Super-Secure Login

Microsoft Passport and Windows Hellobusiness security w10 pro hello

Let’s start at the beginning with access to your devices. With the advent of more BYOD workspaces and portable devices, the risk of someone outside a business accessing a secure device is much higher than before. Windows 10 offers a number of secure login processes to make sure that only the right people can get into device.

Convenient multifactor authentication. Windows 10 offers flexible login authentication. You can use either biometrics or a PIN plus a trusted device to access business networks.

Microsoft Passport– Microsoft Passport is the flexible two-stage authentication programme that can act as an alternative to the humble (but often weak) password.

You can use your Windows PC or mobile phone as one factor, then use either a biometric or PIN as the second. It’s even possible to sign in with your Windows phone to unlock your PC and authenticate if you are away from your device.

Windows Hello – The new login system Windows Hello gives you a biometric alternative to a PIN for unlocking a device. Depending on the device, you can use your face, iris, or fingerprint to unlock and access business networks, apps, and web services.

Protection from Boot-up to Shutdownbusiness security w10 pro trusted boot

Trusted Boot

Thrawting a threat before it can have any effect on your system is the most efficient way of dealing with malware. Windows Trusted Boot does exactly that by controlling who and what gets acess to your system from the get-go.

Windows Trusted Boot on Windows 10 is a security standard developed by members of the PC industry to help make sure that your PC uses only trusted software. When the PC starts, the firmware checks the signature of each piece of boot software and the operating system, avoiding headaches caused by malware that can hide and load before the operating system boot process has begun.

Protecting Employees and Userssecurity for office security icon

Credential Guard

Protecting your businesses user profiles and credentials can be equally important as defending your system, when guarding against malware and network attacks.

Credential Guard helps protect the ‘user access’ tokens that are generated once your employees have been authenticated. It stores user access tokens within a hardware-secured container running on Hyper-V technology, which helps prevent Pass-the-Hash attacks, one of the key tactics used to compromise networks.

Credential guard is also easily manageable and can be enabled using Group Policy- Making it easy and familiar for your IT staff to administer using the existing management tools they have in place.

Data Protectionbusiness security w10 pro pin

Enterprise Data Protection

Windows 10 Pro can identify programmes key to your business and protect them with special encryption.

Enterprise data protection (EDP) gives your data separation and containment capabilities. With EDP, Windows 10 can automatically identify corporate apps and data with file-level encryption while simultaneously preventing unprotected corporate data from leaking into other locations and apps.

System protection and Vetting for BYOD

Conditional Access

You wouldn’t allow any un-vetted programme to run on your network so why should you allow untrusted devices access to your business network?

In the age of BYOD, laptops, smartphones and tablets are assessing businesses networks without necessarily having been protected or vetted against unknown malware.

Windows 10 Conditional Access helps ensure the health of your devices by using a combination of the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) 2.0 hardware component, Windows cloud services, and enterprise management software. This combination of protection can vet devices accessing a network granting them varying degrees of permissions or access.

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