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pc cooling tips titleIf you find your PC performance has gone downhill, the answer to your problems could be as simple as keeping it cool. Overheating can be responsible for many common problems with PC performance, from hanging and crashing, to slow gaming and unexpected shutdown.

Taking measures to cool your PC should be top on your agenda to avoid damage to your machine and keep it running as fast as you’re typing! And it doesn’t have to be a pricey fix, there are plenty of ways that won’t cost you a penny.

There are plenty of ways not to do it – as we’ve seen in many a meme this week! Here’s our list of top tips and tricks to keep your PC cool:


Keep It Clean

Dust is the enemy of the PC. It finds its way inside your computer along with hair and dirt and quickly coats the components. When it starts to build up on your fans it causes them to run more and more slowly until they eventually stops altogether.

As the fan is responsible for cooling, your PC will quickly overheat and start to run slowly. You can either take your PC to pieces and grab a duster, or use canned air to blow the dirt from the fan.


Don’t Restrict Air Flow

Is it up against a wall? Are there any obstacles blocking the air vents? Make sure your PC is in the best position possible by making sure there’s plenty of room for it to breathe.

Most of the hot air will flow out of the back, if that area is blocked, it will flow right back into the computer causing components to overheat and sometimes even melt!


Upgrade Your Fanscooling tips fans

Often the factory installed fan that comes with your computer isn’t the best quality. A good fan is key to stopping your computer overheating and making sure your system runs as efficiently as possible. There are plenty of large CPU fans for sale on Ebuyer that, when installed correctly, will work fast and keep your processor cool.

Alternatively, you could install a case fan. These little beauties attach to your desktop computer case and help get the air moving through your computer.


Push-Pull Cooling

It’s important to consider the push pull mechanic when you’re cooling your computer. Getting the most powerful fans in the right places will create air flow that will cool the most fragile and important parts of your computer – for example the graphics card.

Simply take your computer case off, locate the position of the parts you want to keep most cool and fix your fans to push air to that point. Remembering to also fix fans in the right place to pull hot air out and away from these parts.


Cooling Stands

Cooling stands are by far the simplest way to get air circulating into your computer. You simply sit your laptop computer on it, plug them it into your USB port and the fans underneath will start to push cool air through your computer. There is a good selection here on our website.


Water Coolingpc cooling tips water

Sometimes your computer can get to the point where even the fastest fan couldn’t cool it down. But fear not, closed loop water cooling systems are easy to install and relatively inexpensive.

They work by pumping cool liquid, enclosed in a transfer system, through your computer. The liquid then absorbs the heat, gets pumped back out and cools down ready to go round again. If you’re feeling like taking on a new project you could even build your own.

How Not To Cool Your PC

Do you have any other ways to cool your PC or laptop? Or even a funny story about cooling fails? Comment below and let us know.

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