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Unleash Your Xbox One and Stream to a Windows 10 PC

Console gaming is great but being tethered to one location, like the living the room, can be a problem for those gaming in a shared house. So what if you could choose where to play your console games?

Well, if you have a Windows 10 PC and an Xbox One, you could be covered with game streaming from Microsoft. That’s right, been kicked out of the living room but fancy a quick go on Halo upstairs? No problem… you’ve got game streaming.xbox streaming one feature


What is ‘Game Streaming’?

So what is ‘game streaming’? Well, it’s pretty simple and a rather handy feature for those wanting to game in different locations. Game streaming is the ability to play Xbox One games remotely from an Xbox One console on any Windows 10 PC.

This feature allows you to play your favourite Xbox One games anywhere with access to your home network. You’re no longer tied to one location. Play in your kitchen, bedroom, dining room or anywhere with a connection to your Wi-Fi.

Game streaming uses the power of the Xbox One console to manage the game, then your Windows 10 PC acts as a remote second screen, meaning you can move freely around your home while continuing to enjoy your Xbox One console and games.

To learn how to stream from an Xbox One console to a Windows 10 PC check out our guide.Xbox_app_banner


So, Why Play via a Windows 10 PC?

Ok, apart from being a pretty handy tool for playing in different locations, why would you want to use a PC to play your Xbox One?

Everything in One Place

The Xbox app for Windows 10 brings everything Xbox together in one easy access place. You can play games, connect with friends and view accomplishments across all your compatible Windows 10 devices like laptops, tablets and PCs.

It’s super simple to stay connected and launch into cross-device multiplayer games and chats, even if you or your friends are away from their console.


Controller Play

Like the idea of PC streaming, but don’t want to be hampered by a keyboard and mouse for quick play games such as FIFA or Halo? No worries, with Windows 10 you can use your Xbox One controller on the PC! Giving you the familiarity of a console on your remote PC or laptop.

Users can play with Xbox One wired and wireless controllers to enhance the gaming experience whilst using your PC. You’ll get all the advantages of laptop/PC play without sacrificing the quality and easy use of a controller- It’s the best of both worlds!

Learn how to connect your Xbox One controller to your W10 PC with this guide here.gamepad_banner

Don’t worry about being left out if you’re gaming through a PC. Streamers can also play against Xbox One gamers when using a PC, even in multiplayer mode, so your gaming experience won’t be hampered by remote play.


Optimised for Windows 10

Microsoft have a catalogue of great games optimized specifically for Windows 10, including Minecraft, Gigantic, Killer Instinct, and Gears of War.

With the Xbox app you can also learn about upcoming game updates and DLC directly from the game developers, view featured games, reviews and see which of your friends can play online with you on future games.


Quality Graphics

Using Windows 10, gamers have access to DirectX 12 graphics. DirectX 12 games unlock the full capabilities of your PC’s video hardware delivering some the best quality visuals and improved graphic performance.

For more information on streaming from your Xbox ONE to a Windows 10 PC check out Microsoft’s guide.gaming on windows 10 title


  1. I’ll believe it when i see it, my last attempt of playing an Xbox game on the PC, half the features was missing. Simple things like split screen co op.

    “Don’t worry about being left out if you’re gaming through a PC. Streamers can also play against Xbox One gamers when using a PC, even in multiplayer mode, so your gaming experience won’t be hampered by remote play.” – As an example, this is not even possible on Gear of war 4. The cross platform is a joke when it comes to online multiplayer as people that use a keyboard and mouse are not allowed to play with people using pads. Leaving the PC lobbies almost empty. Match making doesn’t work great when no one is playing.

    It also mentions things like Direct X 12 when Microsoft can’t even get the full feature set of Direct X 11 to work for example SLI – Gears of war 4 currently runs at 30FPS when using 2 x 980 ti together saying it is 100% GPU bound.

    They also push so much in app micro purchases on full AAA games it makes you sick.

    My advice if you have a PC capable of playing such games, play them on the PC and forget about your XBOX and the monthly Live subscription. If you want to play XBOX, play an XBOX

  2. @ arddrive

  3. It works fairly well and does have its uses. Your PC essentially clones your Xbox screen to your PC screen. Just a shame your can’t sent your PC screen to your Xbox one. One day hopefully

  4. “You’ll get all the advantages of laptop/PC play without sacrificing the quality and easy use of a controller- It’s the best of both worlds”

    That statement is very biased, I mucobviously someone who thinks the controlers are the bee’s knees. Well I along with many others, much prefer the keyboard and mouse for quality and ease of use, Plus this is one of the big advantages of using a PC – being able to use a high quality gaming keyboard and mouse.

    This gives me no advantages and is the worst of both world, as I am still stuck with the “horrible” (remember, just my opinion) controller, also after having my right hand fused after having it shattered, I am unable to operate a controller without pain after a couple of minutes, yet I can use a keyboard and mouse all day and only get a slight bit of pain..

    Why do you think soo many people keep wanting to play the games on a PC, because the controller just is not good enough – especially for good FPS games.

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to stop those who prefer controllers, I want the choice of being able to chose what I use – in my case my high quality periperals. Isn’t that a bigger advantage

  5. @ Gary

    your opinion is misplaced here
    the article is aimed at a group of “console” players who may like to try streaming to a pc
    it is not aimed at pc gamers

  6. Of course it`s aimed at console players as that`s where microsoft makes it money, raking consolers of their cash.


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