How to fix up your uni house on a budget

fix up uni house on budget titleSummer holidays are almost over and university is just around the corner. Whether you’re living in halls or moving into a house with friends this year, you’ll need the right devices to protect and enhance your tech at your new address – at the right price!

We’ve put together a list of those pesky problems students experience in new accommodation and how to solve them without breaking the bank.


You Don’t Have a Secure Househome security

Student areas tend to be the most burgled due to the sheer amount of tech goodies inside the houses and flats. All too often student houses don’t have the right security in place either – if you’re not sure what kind of security you have it’s a good idea to check with the landlord. In the meantime, there are things you can do to protect your stuff and put off potential burglars that don’t cost the earth.

Appearances are everything, you can buy ‘dummy’ security kits for under £25 to trick burglars into thinking you have a CCTV and alarm system. It also eliminates the cost of installation and maintenance. It’s also a great idea to get home insurance to cover your valuables, if you’re living in a large group it can work out really cheap when you split it between you.

If you are worried about your laptop being stolen, you can invest in specialised laptop locks that put people off stealing them. These are also great deterrents if you’re leaving your laptop in the library or with housemates you don’t really know.


Your Wireless Connection is WeakRange extender guide image 2

A big issue in student houses is the WIFI signal being weak in certain areas of the house. This is even more evident in multi-story houses, especially if your room is fourth floor and your router is in the lounge.  A simple way to solve this issue is to get yourself a range extender eliminating dead zones and giving better quality and coverage.Guide to range extenders title


Your TV gets overloaded

If you’ve got a communal TV in the corner of the lounge, it can often turn into a sea of wires with all the different boxes and consoles attached. It’s a good idea to invest in a TV that has it all built in, there are plenty that have Freeview, DVD players and apps like Netflix available wirelessly. There are some great affordable TVs on our website, all with free delivery.


Accidents Happen

It goes without saying that when you have get-togethers at uni, drinks get spilt. With lots of electrical items around it’s a smart idea to invest in some waterproof tech, especially things like speakers and keyboards.

If you hate the idea of all your coursework and photos going missing should your laptop get broken, an external hard drive is a great device to back up your documents. That way you’ve got all the important stuff saved and ready to upload should the worst happenssd vs hdd title


Printing is Hard WorkPrinters for students

If your printers at uni aren’t the most reliable, always broken, expensive or just far away, it’s a great idea to split a printer with your housemates to use at home. There are plenty of affordable printers on our website, some act as scanners and copiers toologo-large

get the most out of router title

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