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As the clocks go back and the evenings become darker earlier, homeowners all across the UK are being warned to heighten the security of their homes. Last year the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) reported that there was an estimated 785,000 incidents of domestic burglary in the UK and most were on vulnerable and compromised properties.

Home security #TechExperts D-Link conducted research across 2,000 adults and uncovered how security conscious people are in the UK, with shocking results. Over half (54%) of UK adults do not have security systems or burglar alarms installed in their homes and 74% of burglar alarms, already installed, do not contact the police. Even more surprising, based on these findings, is that only 11% believe that their household and possessions are safe and protected against burglary.


Seemingly people aren’t fully prepared when protecting their home in the winter months, as only 23% use a light timer when they go out of the house for long periods, 18% have movement sensors installed and only 9% have security cameras in their home.

Further potential exposure can come from social media. The research found that 7% have even chosen to tag their location on social media whilst on holiday or out of the house, meaning someone can match your Tweets or Instagram pictures with the address you call home.

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Luckily however, for consumers looking to bolster the security of their homes, there are many different systems to ensure a home is safe and secure, including smart home security. Smart home enabled security devices allow you to control your home via a smartphone or tablet app, providing you with the ability to set power usage thresholds, schedule light timers and most importantly monitor your home whilst you are away.

The Smart Home

Smart home security products offer a cost effective and affordable alternative form of entry-level security to costly alarm systems that can often tie you into a monthly reoccurring fee. They’re also suitable not just for homeowners but for those that are renting as well, due to the portability aspect and the ability to deploy a security solution anywhere. Currently in today’s market there are a number of technologies on offer from different manufacturers, so for the average consumer this can be quite a daunting and confusing situation. However there’s now far more interoperability in the market and we are increasingly seeing manufacturers working to address this.


Unlike traditional security systems, smart home products are an entirely scalable solution that can be operated at a small or large-scale level, with the ability to add as many cameras or sensors as you need. Smart home products provide users with the ability to set, control, monitor and automate their home from anywhere. The core smart home products available to consumers consist of IP surveillance cameras, motion sensors, sirens and smart plugs. With the ability to access camera footage via your mobile from anywhere in the world and cameras with pan/tilt capabilities or 180-degree fields of view there really is plenty on offer for people looking to bolster their security.


Scalability and Tailored Security

The interoperability of smart home products allows for ‘recipes’ to be created, essentially meaning that actions can be set up. For instance, a motion sensor can be set to trigger a camera or alert the user’s phone once motion is detected, or a camera or motion sensor could be set to sound an alarm whenever motion is detected. The ability to set these recipes allows you to tailor your security to your needs, whether you want a system that replicates a traditional alarm system or you simply want to monitor your home whilst away, it’s all possible.


The scalability of smart home solutions is also a considerable benefit. Anyone looking to invest in smart home security could start with a single motion sensor or an IP camera and build their ecosystem accordingly. As statistics show over 54% of adults in the UK don’t have a security system, with highly affordable and accessible smart home security products available this figure will be set to change as consumers can now choose the level of security they require.


The possibilities for smart home technology really are endless, offering a solution that can be tailored to an individuals needs without the high costs associated with an alarm system. As the evenings get darker and the Winter months approach it really is important to add in a layer of security to deter potential criminals and to offer you peace of mind.

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