How to shop for a geek

shop-for-a-geek-title‘Tis the time of year to wrack your brains and work out what gifts your nearest and dearest might actually want- and no creature is more difficult to buy for than the geek.

Sure they’ll say “just buy me anything”, but you know that won’t work, this very specific breed of techie wants a product with a purpose, something to tickle their inner nerd or just something damn useful.


Well fear not intrepid buyer, we’ve rustled up a guide for navigating through this minefield of gadgets and tech- from the gaming geek to movie mogul, we’ve got a list of ideas to smooth over the panic this Christmas… so without further ado, let’s get our geek gift on.


For the Gamergifts-for-geeks-gamer

Gaming Laptop

Is your geek a gamer on the go? When it’s just not practical to have a tower PC as a gaming machine, take a look at specialist gaming laptops. Sure they come at a higher price than your standard office computer, but the power and performance upgrade makes an infinite difference to gaming play and performance.

A fine specimen is the MSI GE62 2QF, this portable gaming colossus houses an Intel Broadwell i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 1TB HDD and an additional 128 GB SSD.


Gamers need to be connected and what better way to stay in tune than a quality headset? The HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset is both great value, high quality and built to last. Designed with comfort in mind the HyperX headset is ideal for long gaming sessions in comfort.


If you want the best PC gaming experience, you’ll need to invest in a high-quality gaming keyboard and the Corsair STRAFE RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is just that. With Multi-colour dynamic backlighting a detachable soft-touch wrist rest and easy-access multimedia controls this is a pro gaming set for the real gamer.



For the Travellergifts-for-geeks-travel


The travellers best friend. Part PC, messaging service, gaming platform and media centre- tablets are an amazing travel companion that come in a wide range of designs, features and budgets.

For the budget user, check out the Connect 10.1 running Windows 10. With its Full HD touch screen 8 hours battery life and 32GB storage, choose this tablet PC for easy on the go computing. Ideal for media junkies, casual browsers and those who need an office on the go… what’s more it’s under £50!

If Windows 10 isn’t your thing, and you want something with a little more power take a look at the Asus Zenpad 10. Again a 10.1 screen, but this time in a sleek shell, 16GB internal storage but the option for expandable memory to 64GB microSD- Great for movies and streaming on the go.

Portable Power

How many times has your [Insert tech here] ran out of battery whilst on a journey? From smartphones to tablets, to wireless headphones our new wave of tech may be smart but it’s also damn power hungry.

Step-up powerbanks. These portable battery packs are your lifeline when the great electricity gods don’t grant access to a socket. Powerbanks come in a myriad of sizes and storage from £5 single or double charge shots of a smartphone to the bigger £30+ laptop and tablet backups.

Portable Speakers

Smartphone speakers are just the worst, but as more and more people replace their iPods with tablets and phones the need for a good portable audio solution is always a handy things to have.

Portable speakers are a great way to play surprising good quality audio from your smart tech. most modern speakers can use a myriad of pairing techniques from WiFi to Bluetooth to NFC.


For the Action Geekgifts-for-geeks-action

Action Cams

Is your geek the outdoor-sy type, but still wants to keep in touch with their inner-nerd? Well, fear not- actions cams may be the answer to their tech-withdrawal in the great wilds.

Made popular over the last few years by GoPro, these rugged cameras are designed to be used under a myriad of climate and activity types. Usually waterproof, dust resistant and rugged enough to take a good old battering, these cameras are great for use skiing, biking, surfing, running and anything that wouldn’t dream of taking your smartphone to.


For the Drivergifts-for-geeks-driver


Want to record your journey or keep yourself ahead of any insure bases-ambiguity, check out dashcams.

These road facing cameras come in a number of sizes, styles and budgets and will continuously record the journey ahead of your windshield. Depending on your budget and storage, cameras can record continuously between about 10-60 hours to an SD card.

More and more drivers are now using these mini journey recorders to help document their drives. A number of automotive and insurance experts are even calling for dashcams to be mandatory in cars- get ahead of the game!


Parking Sensor Kit

Although a number of modern cards have parking sensors fitted, a large amount are still technologically ‘blind’ in the rear. These mini kits can smarten up your blind-spots and help with parking.

These parking sensor kits can be affixed to almost any vehicle and alert the driver to what’s behind them.


You’ll find two different formats of these kits, video and audio. Audio kits sense distance and emit a high-pitched ‘beep’ to let you know how close you are to an object. The other format is video, these kits have a small camera, to be placed on the boot which projects to a screen in the drivers view-

The driver gets full live video playback of what’s going on behind their vehicle. Modern kits tend to be wireless so set up is pretty simple and can start from as low as £30.



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