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buyer-predictions-2017-titleAs the New Year is firmly upon us, we go back to the experts again and ask what tech is going to take centre stage in 2017 and what will slowly work its way out?

We spoke with our specialist product manager team at to find out their tech predictions for 2017. Will the IOT finally become a mainstay, have HDDs had their day and will we ever get a 3D printer in our home?

Let’s see what the experts have to say:



What will we see?

If 2016 was the year of 4K and UHD, 2017 is set to take that technology and grow bigger- literally. We’ll begin to see 50”plus TVs becoming far more commonplace and Large Format Displays, LFDs, move into the market.

4K and UHD should also continue to filter into more affordable products.

For the Gamers and PC builders, gaming monitor are also set to make a big rise this year, with more affordable and higher spec models available- we’ll also see interesting features like eye tracking and highly customisable sets.

What’s set to leave us?

So where can we expect to see the market shrink, or products being replaced?

Product manager Heath Chadwick believes that smaller form monitors and TV sales will inevitably slow.

“22”Monitors will shrink in terms of sales out, being replaced by larger screen sizes, as customers can simply get better value from larger sets. We will also likely see the same happen to smaller TVs, which will be replaced as demand for larger screen size increase.”

“I think there will also be a continual shift away from the traditional projector market as consumers begin to purchase affordable LFDs.


Print & Phototech-predictions-photo

What will we see?

Print and Photography has seen a turbulent few years since the introduction of the digital processes, however the market is still very much alive and kicking.

Dave Jones, senior product manager for printers believes the market for quality printers and varied products will grow in 2017.

“3D print will continue to grow in 2017 with XYZ leading the way in affordable home printers, more and more people are seeing that they can actually use and afford 3D devices.”

“As for ‘traditional’ printers, The A3 Laser printer market will grow, led by Managed Print Services. I have also seen a lot attention and investment in Instant Photo Printers, which will be a strong emerging market due to the rise of digital photography.”

Then one that may be a little surprising, Digital Cameras. Last year supply was hit massively by a Tsunami in the Far East which caused a massive constraint for the whole of 2016 on digital cameras. It’s likely this year supplies should balance out and the market will grow, however it will still be lower than 2014, due to the influx of quality smartphone cameras.

What’s at risk of disappearing?

“We saw it last year in a big way, but SatNavs again could continue to see a drop in sales with the likes of Googles Maps becoming more feature rich with improved traffic accuracy, for literally a fraction of the cost.”

“Action Cameras will be an interesting market to watch. Consumers are moving away from the established and costly brands such as Go Pro, instead moving over to sub-brands and Chinese imports which look pretty much identical to Go Pro but for a fraction of the price… Naturally the downside with this mass influx of ‘cheap’ and randomly branded cameras is the varying degrees of quality; consumers are getting confused as to which brand or device actually provides a comparable product to the market leaders.”

“Again another faller will be scanners. The market for standalone scanners will continue to decline, due to the price and quality of Multi-function printers falling.”


Smart Homebuyer-predictions-smarthome

2015 was marked as the dawn of the IOT home, then 2016 was definitely going to have us all hooked up to our toaster and speaking to our car… but alas my kettle is still hand operated and the bathroom lights are not voice activated. So we are cautious about smart tech in 2017, but still optimistic.

What will we see in 2017?

Deb Cobb, product manager at Ebuyer believes smart home products will begin to take hold.

“The introduction of Amazon Echo and Google Home will be gateway products for the sector as a whole. IOT and the smart home will move from being the ‘geeky option’ to something of a luxury.” Echo and GH can tie in other products like smart plugs, TVs, sound systems and IP security cameras from one centralised hub.

“I think this concept of smart tech adding to a home ‘luxury’ rather than ‘geekyness’ will see products hit the mainstream. From that we’ll see a big uprise in devices like smart lighting, temperature control and smart plugs.”


Storage & Networkingbuyer-predictions-storage-networking

2017 – The future of storage?

Guy Drury, Storage Solutions Specialist for business at Ebuyer:

“With NAS and SAN storage I can see that all flash will become very popular over the next 12 months, with tiered flash and spindle discs also having an increase depending on budgets.

Within the networking area I can see that 10Gbe networks will have huge growth prospects as businesses need faster speeds internally.”

“As for products, there are a couple of interesting new devices that have just been announced. One, in particular, is QNAP’s range of Tiered NAS units, as these offer both flash and spindle discs in one device and can intelligently move the data from the slower spindle discs over to the faster SSDs as and when required.


Where can we expect to see the market shrink, or products replaced?

“I honestly do not expect the storage market to shrink this year, due to the demand for more and more storage. Even though more people are moving over to the cloud for their backups and some of their operational applications they are still needing quick access to their storage with the added security options that NAS and SAN’s offer.”

Deb Cobb believes, there will be mixed fortunes for physical storage formats in the wake of market shortages:

“The hard drive market will increase in the first half of the year, due to the rising prices of SSD (from NAND flash shortages).  People looking for EPP alternatives will return to traditional hard drives.

However once flash allocation becomes more readily available again, the HDD market will fall into decline, rapidly.”



What’s the focus for this year?

Amy Major, product manager for business and software, believes business investing in security will be a huge trend in 2017.

“The big focus (especially this half of the year) will be around the change in legislation in regards to how companies store data.

A lot of networking brands are focusing on security this year as the change in government legislation (GDPR) on how companies store their data, has been heavily tightened.

This means huge fines for companies not adhering to legislation after big data leakages last year from the likes of Tesco bank and Talk Talk to name but a few”

What all this means is, companies right from the one-man-band, to multi-national corporations investing in data-safe software and equipment.


And there we have it. Our expert predictions for 2017. Let us know your thoughts below and tell us what tech you think will make it big this year, or what you’d like to see hit the mainstream.


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