Top 10 valentine’s gifts under £100 for tech boyfriend

Top ten valentine’s gifts under £100 for your tech-savvy boyfriend <3

February 14th will soon be upon us and we females are as mind-boggled as ever when it comes to buying for our special someone’s. Sure, we’ve all been dropping hints since the new year about perfumes, swanky restaurants and designer brands (none of which will have sunk in) – but yet again he’s a closed book. Not to worry, Ebuyer is your cupid in disguise. Take a look below to see our top 10 valentine’s gifts that won’t break the bank… some of them might even help to keep arguments at bay!


Cheap as chips USB drive loaded with sweet nothings (£5.19)
Maybe Mr right works in an office or maybe he just uses his computer for fun. Either way, we can all make use of an 8GB flash drive in one way or another. If funds are low, why not load the flash drive with an album of your cutest Kodak moments. You could even put some songs on there that bring back fond memories. Cute as pie.

Two peas in a pod headphone splitter (£3.58)
Perhaps you and your fella have a holiday planned or a weekend away. Long train or plane journeys are always made better by music, but sitting listening to separate devices can seem a little unloving. Not to mention, sharing a set of headphones never works out. Ebuyer has the solution with this Belkin headphone splitter as you and your partner can both listen into the same device. The only thing you’ll need to think about now is who’s in charge of the playlist.

No more lost keys storage box (£22.49)
Everyone loves a joke gift – but what’s even better is a joke gift that doubles up as a useful household item. If you’re fed up of keys lying around on the stairs and bedside tables, or if every morning before work he runs frantically around the house professing “he knows he left them there”, then this wall-mounted Phoenix Key Store Dial with combination lock is the answer to your prayers.
key lock

End of all duals Duracell dual car charger (£9.29)
There’s nothing worse than the age old battle of who needs the charger more. “I only have 17%” – “Yeah well I only have 16% so I need it more!”. If this is a scenario that plays out in your or your partners car on a regular basis, then dual no more with this Duracell dual port car charger. A happy couple is a connected couple. A couple that charges together…buys garages together. I’ll stop now.
dual charger

He’ll never moan if you buy him a drone (£24.98)
Every man is a child at heart. And what man-child wouldn’t be impressed by a smart-phone controlled flying drone? This Acme X8100 stylish white drone boasts easy control, android and smart phone compatibility and best of all a 360° rotation ability. Endless hours of fun can be had with this device and the whole family can get involved…if he’ll give them a go.

Cordless sport headphones (£50.99)
Have you ever tried running on a treadmill with standard headphones in connected to your phone? Trust me, it can be pretty embarrassing. Yes, you can place your phone in one of the drinks holders, but avoiding the cord whilst while swinging your arms at 100mph is a total warrior style task. Get your outdoorsy, exercise loving other these Backbeat Go2 cordless headphones so that he can connect to his phone via Bluetooth while exercising. Outside of the gym, he can keep them in their sleek charging case. Music to his ears.

Make his dreams a virtual reality headset (£81.99)
VR headsets have been all the craze since Christmas 16’, so if you’re yet to have a go with one then hurry up and get your hands on this Samsung Gear high-spec headset while it’s at the special price of £81.99. Whether he’s a film fanatic who would love to watch Netflix in cinematic view, a gaming geek or a tech novice – this bit of gear is guaranteed to blow him out of this world.

Smart Watch for a smart guy (£89.99)
Like VR, smart watches have taken the world by storm and there are hundreds on offer. Be it FitBit, Milestone or this Mag Echo, all of them boast slightly different features. Have a look around to see which one is most compatible for your knight in shining lycra, after all, it’s time he sheds that winter pouch.

IoT home domination starter kit – hub and motion sensor (£70.98 + £35.99)
The Internet of Things is fast taking over the world. Smart homes. Smart Cities. Driverless trains. If you’re clueless, read our IoT guide here. In a nutshell, IoT allows you to connect all of the devices in your home to a central hub, which in turn is controlled by an app. Get your hubby this D-Link hub and motion sensor to get started and in no time he’ll have your lighting, heating and aircon ready to switch on or off at the touch of his phone. What’s in it for you? A secure, energy efficient home and an easy go-to gift. Like a charm bracelet, there is no end to the number of IoT accessories that can be added. That means you’ll have no frets when it comes to buying his birthday or Christmas pressies.

Goxtreme Quantum High Speed Full Hd Action Camera (£105.99)
So I’ve run out of gripping valentine related puns and this camera does admittedly come in just over the £100 budget – but it’s well worth it. The GoPro has dominated the waterproof action cam market over the last few years, but as time has gone on it’s become more and more apparent that its less competitively branded competitor cams have just as much to offer. This Goextreme Hd action cam could be an image of perfection for your one true love if you have an exotic holiday or honeymoon planned, or if he’s into extreme sports.

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