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What is a Gaming Chair?


Gaming isn’t just about what’s on screen. To get the best and most immersive gaming experience you need to create the ideal environment.  That includes your rig, the lighting, the sound and…..the chair.

The gaming chair is so important.  After all you spend a long time sat in the thing so it needs to be right.  There is no point spending all you can afford on getting the best kit and then neglecting the chair.

So, what is a gaming chair?

If ever there was a place to say ‘it does what it says on the tin’ this is it.  It’s a chair you sit in when you’re gaming.  Duh!

Sorry, smart-alecky over with.  Maybe we should be asking, ‘Which is the best gaming chair?’

Fads and fashions

There have been plenty of fads over the years with both foldable and rocking gaming chairs enjoying brief periods of popularity.  Beanbags and chairs with built-in speakers and headset ports also enjoyed some time in the spotlight but the pendulum has swung back in favour of office style chairs.

gaming chair

Gamers are now putting more emphasis on the comfort and ergonomics of a chair rather than fixating on gimmicks.  When you’re gaming for hours on end it makes perfect sense to invest in a high-quality chair.  One which is not only comfortable but which also minimises the aches and strains which will naturally come from sitting in the same place whilst playing a marathon session of Fallout 4.

It seems fairly safe to say the consensus is the best gaming chairs are those which are equally at home in an office as in a gaming room.  Though they tend to have much more colourful designs than the average office chair.

Office style gaming chairs

There are plenty of stylish gaming chairs to choose from.  Bright colours and bucket style seats differentiate them from office chairs but choosing the actual look and design is very much down to the gamer’s personal taste.

blue and black gaming chair

Apart from the look what factors should you consider when buying a gaming chair?


As we’ve already mentioned you are going to be spending a lot of time in your chair so it needs to be comfortable.  Look for generous padding and some chairs have additional back and shoulder cushions for added comfort.  Make sure any extra cushions are removable or can be adjusted to suit.


It’s a bit of a buzzword but there is no denying the importance of ergonomics.  Your spine needs to be supported and, as no one size fits all, the chair needs to be fully adjustable so you can achieve the perfect fit.


Look for a gaming chair which is fully adjustable.  Even the most basic chairs will be able to adjust their height but it is worth spending a bit more on a chair which also has adjustable armrests and the ability to change the angle of the backrest.

The seat should be able to swivel through 360 degrees and the height adjusted by a pneumatic mechanism.

black and red gaming chair


Cheap material loses its shape quickly but the better chairs will have a firmer higher-density foam which will keep its shape for years.

The most popular material for gaming chairs is PU leather.  A synthetic material PU leather is hard-wearing and easy to clean.  Ideal for a gaming chair.

Real leather will last longer than its synthetic equivalent but will of course greatly increase the price of the chair.

Stability and durability

Look for a chair which can easily support your weight.  The best chairs are able to support all body types.

Pay attention to the base of the chair.  A sturdy metal base with five legs will provide the stability you need.  Lastly, nylon castors won’t scratch floors.


A gaming chair made from high-quality materials may be more expensive than the cheap office style chairs you will find in discount stores but it will last for many years.  Paying a little bit extra will get you a comfortable chair which will alleviate any aches and strains and is perfectly suited to long gaming sessions.

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  1. William 24 February, 2015 at 13:40

    I think that the whole speaker system is chairs is only a novelty now, with the quality of headphones rising and the price dropping and the same with TV screens, sound bars and other speaker systems you would only buy one of these chairs for the “WoW” factor and wouldn’t base a large purchase decision on this feature.

    Most of these chairs i have found will have a form of padding on the speakers that muffles the sound and ruins the gaming experience.

    In todays gaming age with wireless headphones and headphone ports on your console controller i really don’t believe that this is a key feature any more.

    Thanks for reading,

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