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Conan Exiles a Funcom interview.


With Conan Exiles flying to the top of the twitch viewer charts we caught up with the Funcom dev team to have a chat about their latest game.

conan the barbarian game

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us, Let’s get straight into this.

For those who may not have seen much of the game so far. What sets Conan Exiles apart from other survival games, such as Ark?

On the gameplay side of things Conan Exiles has a much tighter focus on melee combat. You really can’t make a game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian without letting that brutality be reflected in the game’s combat system and we want to have the best melee combat in the genre. Players will be able to fight with a variety of weapons, inspired by Conan the Barbarian’s universe, from axes and swords to spears and daggers.

We also have a religion system that lets you worship a number of the Hyborian gods to gain their favour and access special crafting recipes and machines. You’ll be able to craft magical items that will please your god and aid you on your journey. Eventually your religious work will allow you to summon a mighty avatar of your god to crush your enemies and see them driven before you. You might even hear the lamentation of their women.

Sometime in the Early Access period we’ll be adding a special sorcery system that lets you take the long and arduous journey from a hungry exile to a dark sorcerer. It’ll be incredibly difficult though, sorcery in the Hyborian Age requires years of studying moldering and conducting blasphemous rites with creatures of the Outer Dark. Our plan is to mimic this to some extent.

The thrall system is also a unique feature in Conan Exiles. You can knock out NPCs found in the game world, drag them back to your base of operations and break their will on the Wheel of Pain (made famous by the first Conan movie). The Wheel of Pain lets you you’re your enemy into an ally, creating thralls who work for you as guards or as artisans manning your crafting stations.

In addition to these gameplay features there’s a lot to explore and discover as well. In Conan Exiles you’ll explore the ruins of ancient civilizations and learn the story of the race of beings who once called it their home. You’ll slowly discover the history of the Exiled Lands, uncovering the reasons why you’ve been imprisoned and who might be the mastermind behind it all.


Will there be a PVE for the more casual survivalist?

Absolutely. At Early Access launch there’ll be both official PvP and PvE servers. These will not be reset, meaning players won’t lose their progress after a certain amount of time. We’ll also be launching with special PvP Blitz servers that will reset, but where progression will happen at an advanced rate.

Players can also run their own servers, and control every aspect of the game experience, from length of day and night cycle to switching off avatars or making progression faster. They even have access to an admin panel where they can spawn anything from dragons to swords. I think a lot of people are going to have fun turning themselves into Dungeon Masters, making themselves invisible, and unleashing hell on players joining their server!


Will there be any world lore to be discovered throughout? Such as a storyline or discoverable information?

Conan Exiles won’t be just an empty sandbox. Conan’s world simply won’t allow us. It is an incredibly rich, amazing universe full of great stories.

You play as a condemned exile, crucified in the burning desert. It is Conan himself who cuts you down from the cross and frees you. Conan continues on his journey, but you must now try to survive in the harsh Exiled Lands.

An enigmatic serpent bracelet has been placed around your wrist. It will kill you if you try to escape by crossing the huge Cursewall surrounding the Exiled Lands. The Cursewall is a powerful magical barrier which cuts you off from the outside world.

Who has placed the bracelet around your arm? Why have you been exiled to this place for your alleged crimes and not just executed on the spot by those who brought you here?

The Exiled Lands are full of mysteries and as you struggle to survive you can also strive to uncover them.


Will Xbox users be able to host their own servers?

This is something we’ll be ready to start talking about after we’ve launched in PC Early Access. We’re 100% focused on the PC version right now.

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Do we have a server population max limit for official servers?

For Early Access launch we’re aiming for 70 players per official server, though this might increase as the game grows during the Early Access period.


The game looks stunning, For PC users, how graphically demanding is Conan set to be?

Thank you very much. Our artists have been working incredibly hard on making Conan Exiles look as good as possible, so I’m sure they’ll appreciate that. Our minimum system requirement right now is an Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 (2GB) or AMD equivalent. We recommend playing it with GTX780 Ti or GTX 970 to get the best graphics the game has to offer.


Will this be a tribes/clan dependant experience, or is there enough scope for someone to lone wolf it?

In-game lore, thrall system, religion system and NPC factions will give players a lot of stuff to dig into, though certain parts of the game experience might be easier for you if you’re part of a group. Tier 3 building pieces take a lot of time and resources to create, so we consider those to be a clan level project.  The same goes for reaching the highest level of religious worship for your god.

On a private server you can increase the speed at which you gather resources so it will be easier to reach those high tier gameplay features.

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What makes this the game a survivalist newcomer should look to buy above the rest?

We’re a well-established company with a track record of releasing games, so we won’t tarnish our reputation by making a game that stays in Early Access forever or goes quiet in the middle of the development cycle.

We’re dedicated to making a great survival game based on an already fantastic fictional world, with a development team still small enough for us to quickly adapt and respond to community feedback. The great thing about Early Access is we can develop the game together with our fans and focus on the things which are important to them. We’ll be maintaining close, regular and transparent communication with our Early Access players.


And finally, when are the release dates for Conan Exiles? PC and Xbox one.

Conan Exiles launches in PC Early Access on January 31st, and on the Xbox One Game Preview in spring, 2017.

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