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How has tech changed motherhood? Gadgets ‘n’ all

We’ve all been in the supermarket and gawped in disbelief as a toddler has passed by in a pushchair, content with IPhone 7 in hand (while we’re still using the 6). Whether they are playing games, watching cartoons or simply click-happy, they appear to be far more digitally aware than ourselves. It’s a weird and wonderful age we live in… but how is technology impacting on parenting?

Google has the answers








In the olden days, new mums and dads had two options: learn from their parents or learn from experience. There was no googling ‘how to change a nappy’ or ‘what to do if your child gets a pea stuck up their nose’. Rather, it was a case of trial and error. In some ways, google is undoubtedly now overused, with Mothers worrying about every E-number that enters their child’s body and panicking as terrible illnesses appear when inputting symptoms. In others, however, google has most probably saved time, embarrassment and even saved lives.

Social media mums







10 – 15% of Mums suffer from postnatal depression. In the past they often felt they had nobody to turn to and this, in many cases, led to suicide. Although we are constantly being hounded with tales of negativity on Facebook such as bullying, trolling and false identities, in relation to Mums, Facebook paints a far more positive picture. Statistics have shown that in our current day and age, Mums use Facebook predominantly to comment on posts about good/bad news and to gather information. By using Facebook as a public forum for discussion, Mums can now share their feelings with like-minded people online, create communities and help to fight the stigma of mental health issues. A problem shared is a problem halved.

On the flip-side, much debate has taken place over the appropriateness of Mums sharing content of their children online. We know they love their little bundles of joy and only want to show how proud they are…but Mums need to be conscious when pressing the “upload” button that they are making that paddling pool video available for the whole world to see.

Super savvy equipment

Where to begin. Year by year the technology related to motherhood improves drastically. We are now in a position where children can be induced as early as 23 weeks into their gestation period and go on to live healthy, happy lives. My Facebook feed is awash with 3D baby scans, but what other savvy tech has emerged as of late?…

Interactive iPad Storybooks



Bed time is an important part of a child’s development, a time to bond with their parents over magic fairy-tales of kings and caterpillars, castles and fire-breathing dragons. However, if parents need a night off from their bed-time duties they can now impress their toddlers with read-along iPad digital storybooks that include virtual coloring books, 3D games/images and sing-along songs.


Eco-friendly kiddy furniture


The French company  Castor & Chouca have created some amazing luxury Eco bedroom furniture for kiddies. The idea being that parents can begin to educate their children on environmental issues from an early age, instilling a life long appreciation for the environment. It also looks pretty fly!



One button cellphone



The ZTE Corp Softbank is the simplest cellphone on the market. It features a single button that when pressed, instantly calls a child’s parents or other emergency contacts in case of unexpected situations. Not only that, once the ZTE Corp Softbank cellphone is used, it automatically sends an email with GPS data pinpointing the child’s location. The perfect gadget if your little one is starting to gain independence and play further afield.



The Kick to Pick App



Stuck for a name to call the bump in your belly? The Kick to Pick app is an application for the iPhone that picks out names for your baby by assessing the baby’s kick. Just place the phone on your belly when the baby is stirring and when the baby kicks, the phone will spin out a name for your little one. Even if you don’t end up choosing a name from the app, you’re sure to get a “kick” out of having a go!






My Evoz iPhone baby monitoring app



Baby monitors have become a staple in the world of parenting tech. Without them, mums wouldn’t be able to go downstairs and watch the TV, cook or relax while their little ones were sleeping. Now the My Evoz Iphone baby monitoring app has taken things a step further. This smartphone application uses a central server to record and play the noises of your infant’s nursery from one iOS device to another, so you could literally listen in from the other side of town. Perhaps not the best mothering or fathering method, but the My Evoz iPhone app does make it possible to maintain peace of mind while the babysitter’s in charge.




What the future holds…



If this hasn’t yet been made, then it will undoubtedly be a reality in the near future. A product called p-Teq claims to be a USB pregnancy test kit. Pee on it, plug it in to your computer, and see if you are pregnant and if so, the estimated delivery date based on the concentration of hormones in your urine. Not pregnant? The analysis also includes your most fertile days to help you along. It can even tell you if you’re having twins!

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