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Whether you are a broadcaster, streamer or gamer at home, we’re all inclined towards finding facts about improving our online experience. There can be multiple issues with your gaming environment ‘set up’ that may affect your streaming, right from our internet service provider, down to a poor set up of hardware. But most problems aren’t always as obvious as the ones stated. Let’s take a look at ten most common problems that can affect live streaming, along with few tips on how to enhance the gaming experience for the gamer at home.

Extend the reach:

So you have the router kept in the living room and your gaming hardware across the hall way. Well, a set up like this isn’t helping your gaming experience, for the network reach might weaken travelling all that distance. Consider incorporating powerline adapters in your home network to expand the reach of your Wi-Fi connection. A Powerline adapter kit is a bridge technology helping you to expand the reach of your network to spots where you needed the internet connection to improve. Slotted in the wall socket, Powerline uses electrical wiring not just to boost your Wi-Fi connection, but also to help with home network security, stability & speed, providing an uninterrupted gaming experience.


Multiple people gaming from the same location:

Online gaming is becoming increasingly popular and so are the number of players online at one particular time from the same location. A slow or interrupted wireless connection as we know can jeopardise your ranking in a game, as well as your reputation as a gamer. Get your hands on to the router manual and consider reconfiguring it by setting up port forwarding to it. If your gaming set up is right next to the router, a direct Ethernet cable connection with hardware is always better. However, the use of powerline adapters could still be the best option if your gaming hardware is further away from the access point (and avoid long wires hanging from the router too).

Bandwidth not evenly shared:

Most would agree that we all have asked our friends or family members whether they’re ‘downloading’ something, whilst you’re in the middle of a game. It is a common occurrence to find someone within your home downloading or streaming on a mobile device, whilst you are trying to break your previous gaming record. If needed, consider setting up a specific SSID for gaming, whilst guaranteeing a separate chunk of bandwidth for everyone else too.

Any traditional Wi-Fi router with single user MIMO serve only one user at a time. Whilst we see the number of Wi-Fi dependant devices increase in an average household, there is a growing demand for routers that can support the asked bandwidth intensity. TP-Link Archer series routers are well equipped with transferring the bandwidth simultaneously to various devices in the house and are a must for the gamer at home.
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Download apps to check Wi-Fi sweet spots:

There are plenty Wi-Fi analyser apps available for IOS and Android devices that can help monitor internet connection and signal strength. Find out those Wi-Fi sweet spots in your home that best match your gaming hardware suitability. This is easily done with TP-Link’s Tether App, available for download for IOS & Android devices which provides an easy way to access and manage your TP-Link Router.

Of course, it goes without saying that with the right networking products from TP-Link, no one has to be a slave to the internet access point location in your house.

Check connection and downloads:

There is no denying in the fact that we are all using multiple devices such as mobile phone, tablets, cameras, computers and laptops that can eat in your bandwidth during your gaming hours. A dual band router for instance can help extent network performance by providing two independent channels (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz) which can be split between the designated devices. In comparison to a standard 2.4 GHz only router where various devices and appliances in the house would get connected to, a dual band router with AC standard could be a great choice.

You’re gaming on the wrong screen! Or with a wrong router!!

No one wants to lose your online gaming competition because of low resolution on the monitor! Ensure you are churning out an optimum internet speed to help your gaming screen support the graphics. I won’t put the blame on the screen though, because it might be time you upgrade that router to a more ‘gaming specific’ router. Some of the gaming routers can ensure a 25% increase in connection speed, boosting your Wi-Fi for an enhanced gaming experience.

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Adjust antennas on your router:

One thing that we don’t mess much with, and we should, is your router antennas. Let’s say, you’re using a router with two or four antennas in your home for instance. Rather than having all antennas facing ‘up’ i.e. vertically, have the other(s) facing sideways. After all, we can’t always be sure of the direction the ‘integrated’ antenna on your mobile devices is pointing to!

Find the right Wi-Fi channel:

Set your router to ‘automatic’ so it can detect other routers’ channel. This is important because we sometimes have the router set on a less favourable channel. Setting up the router on the right channel could probably be the best tweak you can perform to get faster internet speeds for gaming.

Get rid of interference with your router:

We might get occasional interference in the network that could practically limit or block our internet access or speed. This interference could come from a house appliances and or object(s) around the router. Work on the placement of your router and ensure that you position the access point free from all obstructions.

Scheduling a reboot of your router:

This is one of the most basic steps one could take in order to rectify dying internet speed. Schedule a periodic reboot of your router, let’s say middle of the night so it is ready when you are for the next gaming challenge. We all know that most internet speed and router issues can be sorted by just rebooting it, unless you want the help desk to tell you this.

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