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Why you need a multifunction printer

Need to print out a document, copy an invoice or scan a form?  Maybe even fax a receipt?  But don’t want to buy three or four different devices?  You need a multifunction printer.

What is a multifunction printer?

A popular choice both at work and at home a multifunction printer (MFP) combines a printer, scanner and copier into one convenient device.  It is ideal for those who want the functionality of the different items of equipment without the expense.

Why you need an MFP

Save money

The most obvious advantage of using a multifunction printer are the savings which are made by not having to purchase separate devices for each task.  All MFPs will print, scan and copy and some will also fax, so the cost of one device will replace those of a standalone printer, scanner, copier and fax machine.

But, the savings don’t end there.  Users only need to buy one set of ink or toner so will save on the cost of keeping consumables in stock for three or four different devices.  This has the added benefit of reducing waste and time spent on recycling.

Other savings come from reduced maintenance and repair costs.  It is cheaper to maintain a single device rather than multiple pieces of equipment. And, at end of life, only one machine needs to be replaced.


One of the biggest plus points of a multifunction printer is it is so convenient to use.  Everything is in one place so documents can be printed, scanned or copied without the user having to move between different machines.

Having a single MFP also saves lots of valuable space in the home or office as room doesn’t have to be found for up to four single-purpose devices.


MFPs are more efficient than multiple different devices as only one power supply is needed.  This in turn saves on energy costs.

Print from anywhere

Many multifunction printers have wireless connectivity which enables the user, or users, to print from any device including a mobile phone, tablet or laptop and from any room in the house.  This functionality is also invaluable in the office as staff can use the printer without leaving their desks.

canon mfp connectivity

The downside to MFPs

It’s clear there are many reasons why any home or business user should consider a multifunction printer but, like any piece of kit, there are some drawbacks.

One of the big advantages of an MFP is its multiple functionality.  But, this could also be seen as its biggest weakness.  If something goes wrong then not only is the printer out of action but also the copier, the scanner and possibly the fax machine.  This is obviously an issue, especially for businesses.

Another issue is whether the different functions can be used simultaneously.  This is probably only of concern to business users but bottlenecks could occur if, for example, the printer can’t be used whilst the scanner is in action.

Finding an MFP for you

Though there are drawbacks the convenience, flexibility, and value for money make MFPs an piece of kit for both home and office users.

Canon are the leading manufacturers of MFPs and produce a range of multifunction printers offering different features which make them ideal for both home and office users.

Typical features include fast printing and copying, duplex printing, easy Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity and high-resolution printing.  Add into the mix the reliability for which Canon are renowned and it is easy to see why a Canon MFP is the right choice for anyone looking for a combination of affordability and performance.

But, which is the best for you?  Check out the selection of Canon multifunction printers below or click here to see all the Canon printers available from

MFPs for the home user

Canon PIXMA TS8050 Colour

Powerful all-in-one delivering premium quality photo printing, multiple wireless connectivity options and an easy to use 10.8cm touchscreen, all from a stylish and compact body.

cannon printer

  • Print/ Copy/ Scan
  • Up to 15ipm (images per minute – mono)
  • Automatic duplex printing (double sided printing)
  • Printing resolution 9600 x 2400 dpi (colour)
  • Colour printing

Canon PIXMA TS6050 Colour Inkjet

A compact, desk-friendly printer, scanner, and copier with multiple connectivity options.  Fast, high-quality photo and document printing, plus an intuitive 7.5cm LCD touchscreen.

cannon printer

  • Print/ Copy/ Scan
  • Copying speed- up to 6.5ppm
  • Printing speed- up to 10ipm
  • 5cm LCD touch screen
  • Print from smartphone option

Canon Pixma TS5050 Colour

High-quality colour printing from the comfort of your own home, with scan and copy functions, Wi-Fi cloud connectivity and an easy to use 7.5cm LCD display – all contained within a compact, space-saving body.

cannon printer

  • Print / copy / scan
  • Direct photo printing from SD card
  • 6 ipm mono, 9 ipm colour
  • 5 single inks for quality and economy
  • Rear paper feeding

MFP for the office

Canon MAXIFY MB2755 Colour

All-In-One colour inkjet for home offices. Mobile printing and cloud integration, while its 500-sheet paper capacity and fast 24 ipm mono print speed maximise productivity.

Canon MAXIFY MB2755

  • Print, scan, copy, fax
  • 24 ipm
  • 5cm colour touchscreen
  • 600 x 1200 dpi
  • Wireless


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  1. Garage Equipment Gaz 29 June, 2017 at 09:45

    The PIXMAs are amazing value for money.

    We’ve got an MG3250 that’s served well for 4 years, use the scanner rarely but the quality is astounding. Along with Multipack and XL cartridges, the price per print is low and it’s never failed to come up with the goods.

    I think the benefit of having the print head on the actual cartridge outweighs the price difference between these and other cartridges.

    It’s work environment is rough too, dust and fumes all over the place but still chugs away happily in the corner.

    +1 for Canon all the way.

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