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The internet of gyms (IoG)

Gyms are a huge part of many people’s lives. To be exact, one in seven of us now possess a gym membership, amounting to 9.7 million gym members in the UK alone. With lots of these members hitting the gym 3 – 6 times a week, it’s easy to see how it becomes a home from home. But with consumer spending on UK gym membership soaring by 44% in the last year and gym bunnies forever on the hunt for the latest fit-tech, Ebuyer got to thinking how the Internet of Things will, and is, changing the future of gyms.

No more broken machines…

The biggest bane for any gym-goer is walking into the gym only to realize that your favourite machine is out of service. A fitness equipment company called LifeFitness has pioneered a piece of equipment called LFconnect Protect which helps to reduce the amount of downtime that gyms see with their equipment. LFconnect allows gym owners to get ahead of the game by monitoring all of their equipment in order to know when each individual piece needs maintenance. Instead of waiting until a machine is down, LFconnect is behind the scenes looking at the logs trying to figure out if something is spiking in activity or if there are certain error codes that are popping up on a routine basis. Through Connect Protect, Life Fitness is currently monitoring equipment in more than 10,000 facilities globally.

Ta-ta to troubles remembering how many calories you burned…

Another annoyance for gym-goers is spending 40+ minutes on the cross-trainer or treadmill and going home to log your workout in MyFitnessPal, only to realise that you have no recollection of how long you spent on each machine or how many calories you burned. Again, LFconnect is to the rescue. By creating an LFconnect profile, exercisers can log in on the screen of any connected cardio machine and all of their exercise data will be stored on their profile, which can be accessed via a website, app, or on the machines themselves. Not only this, but LifeFitness equipment interacts with a number of popular fitness apps to provide exercisers with the connection they need.

No more samey workouts…

Stepping onto a treadmill and running in a straight line for 20 minutes whilst staring at a wall can, figuratively speaking, cause people to hit a brick wall in their fitness journey. But with LifeFitness, samey workouts are a thing of the past. Now people have the ability to create their own custom workouts and replicate an outdoor workout right on the machine. From running through the Swiss Alps to hiking in the Lake District, it’s all made possible by outdoor GPS.

What the future holds…

Many would argue that a machine cannot replace the expertise of a personal trainer. However, what’s to say that these machines couldn’t be programmed to store a wealth of fitness and nutritional knowledge which they could disclose, either via audio or on screen, when asked questions? Struggling to count reps or stay motivated? Surely there is potential for Smart weight machines to count your reps on screen or aloud, and motivate you by saying things like “only 2 reps left to go. Keep at it!”.

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Beth Wadlow

My name is Beth and I am the Junior Marketing Manager at Ebuyer! I started here at the beginning of 2017 after having studied English Lit and Journalism at University and working in retail for a million moons. I enjoy eating yummy food, reading mystery books, going to the gym and walking my cockapoo. I have somehow acquired the nickname ‘kiwi’ in the office and I am a part-time vegetarian (hotdogs only).


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  1. Carl 5 September, 2017 at 09:02

    This ‘advert’ puts you off having a screen in front of you when you are exercising, doesn’t it..?

  2. Pete 5 September, 2017 at 11:18

    My gym has new Lifefitness connected equipment and they rearely work all the time, I won’t even bother trying to connect my phone .

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