Best apps for students

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For studying, socialising, traveling and eking out your student loan

The average student will have a smartphone stuffed to the gills with apps.  But which are the best ones to get you through uni?  Here are a few of our favourite apps for all aspects of student life.


iStudiez Pro

It’s easy to be organised with this planning tool.  The app makes it easy to schedule classes and assignments as well as maintaining contact information and other essential info.

Available on Android, iOS

Google Calendar

A free alternative to iStudiez Pro.  It’s easy to schedule events such as lectures and to set reminders.  A handy tool which is easy to use.

Available on Android, iOS

back to uniSelf Control for Study

Are you easily distracted by social media?  Find your study time has disappeared in a flurry of Facebook updates?  This app will block all that out.  You can set a specified time in which Self Control will block specific apps to help you study undisturbed.

Available on Android

Recording lectures

Make sure you don’t miss a thing by recording your lectures.  For Android users LectureRecordings will allow you to record while you are busy taking notes.  Apple fans will enjoy Lecture Capture which records a lecture for you to listen to whenever you like.

recording lecture on smartphone app

LectureRecordings is available on Android

Lecture Capture is available on iOS



Late night or stuck in an unfamiliar part of town?  Lecture starting in five minutes? Uber will get you there.  Cheaper and (usually) more convenient than taxis but not available everywhere.  At least not yet.

Available on Android, iOS


For all those journeys home. Use this app to find the best times and the cheapest fares.  Don’t forget, if you will be doing a lot of travelling by train, make sure you get a Railcard.  It only costs £30 per year and you will save a third on all your journeys by rail.

student using smartphone app at train station

Available from the Trainline website



The easy way to repay your room-mate the tenner they lent you.  Of course it’s also easy for mum and dad to send a few quid to top up your loan.  All you need is a mobile number or email address and you can send or receive money wherever you are.

Available from the Paypal website


Need to raise a few quid?  With Depop you can sell your clothes so you can afford to go out.  All you have to do is take a photo on your phone and you can sell on the Depop market place.

Available on Android, iOS

back to uniMobile Pocket

A clever little app which helps you claim points on all the loyalty cards you have but sometimes forget.   Just store an image of each card and the app will help you collect points and save you money.  Best of all you don’t have to carry dozens of cards around with you.

Available on Android, iOS


Find the best and biggest discounts on all your favourite shops and restaurants.  Includes brands like Just Eat, Pizza Express and River Island.

Available from the Vouchercloud website


Make the most of your student discount with Unidays.  The app links you with retailers which offer discounts to students but also features its own promotions and special offers.

Available on Android, iOS



Everyone loves a drinking game and there are plenty of apps to choose from.  We’ve picked just one.  In their own words Picolo guarantees ‘good times and hysterical laughter.’

Available on Android, iOS

Drunk Mode

Make sure you don’t make any calls or send texts you will regret in the morning.  This app not only stops those drunken messages but also helps you find your friends if you get separated.  It even ‘drops’ breadcrumbs to help you remember where you were the night before.

drunk student on phone

Available on Android, iOS

Find my Friends

Keep track of your housemates whether you’ve lost them when shopping or are waiting for them at the bar.  This app tells you exactly where they are.  If they are lost the app will guide them to you.

Available on Android, iOS

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