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Orbi is a new Wi-Fi system from NETGEAR which promises to deliver blistering speeds.  No matter how many devices are connected to your network.  NETGEAR have developed a system to address an issue many of us have.  Too many devices trying to connect to a network which is to slow to cope.

The average household will have many internet enabled devices.  Laptops, tablets, and smartphones not to mention IP cameras, media players and gaming consoles.  And probably more than one of each.

The more devices connecting to a network the slower it becomes.  Not ideal when everyone is trying to connect at once.  Cue frustrated howls from all members of the family as their devices continually buffer.  Orbi solves those problems by providing super-fast Wi-Fi across the entire house no matter how many devices connect to the network.

As well as speed Orbi also has range.  A basic kit will provide fast Wi-Fi across an area of up to 5,000 square feet.  If you need even more coverage extra satellite units can be added.

What is Orbi?

Orbi is a Wi-Fi system which works with the equipment provided by your ISP.  The basic system includes a router and a satellite unit.

netgear orbi and satelitte

How does it work?

The system is very easy to set up and Orbi works straight out of the box.

The Orbi router replaces your current router but plugs into your existing modem.  The satellite unit is then placed at a central point in your home.

Once the Orbi router has been connected to your modem the satellite has to be placed in the best position.  Colour coded LED lights indicate signal strength to make it easy to find the best location.  Like the router the satellite is connected to the mains for its power supply.

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Once the satellite unit has synced with the router (it does so automatically) you use the bundled app to set up and personalise your network.  The actual setup is straightforward and you don’t need to set up any accounts or enter personal information.  This saves so much time.

Once up and running Orbi will automatically connect your devices to the fastest Wi-Fi connection.  It then provides fast and uniform coverage throughout your home.

Orbi can deliver high-speed internet because it is a tri-band system.  One channel is used to extend the internet signal from the router to the satellite.  This leaves the other two channels free for all your different devices to connect to.

orbi triband

Orbi also accommodates wired devices.  The satellite unit has four Ethernet ports so you are able to instantly connect your wired PC and peripherals to the network.

What are the benefits?

In a nutshell?  Speed and coverage.  Multiple devices can connect and there will be no buffering on any device and no dead zones in the house.

Using all your internet enabled devices simultaneously will no longer be a problem.

young man using wifi outside

Dad could be in the garden with his laptop, mum in the living room with Netflix while the kids are in their rooms streaming music and playing online games.  All will receive uninterrupted high-performance Wi-Fi.

Orbi round up

  • No more dead zones in the corner of the house or signal drops through walls
  • Strong and fast Wi-Fi whether you’re in the basement or the loft
  • No more buffering
  • Connect multiple devices including computers, consoles, smartphones etc.
  • Only takes minutes to set up
  • Dedicated and easy to use app
  • Basic package with one satellite unit covers up to 4,000 square feet
  • Extra satellite units can be added to extend coverage
  • Intelligently manages the network to provide the fastest connection for each device
  • Four Ethernet ports for wired devices ( on satellite unit)

How to buy

You can buy the Orbi Wi-Fi system direct from Ebuyer.  Order today for free delivery (terms and conditions apply).  Click here to buy now.


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