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Are you hoping for a winter whiteout in the UK?  Or will you be heading to the slopes in Europe?  However you plan on going skiing this year don’t forget to take some technology along to capture all the thrills.  And spills.

Essential skiing tech


The social ski tracking app.  Like Strava for cyclists or Runkeeper for runners, snoww is an indispensable companion for skiers and snowboarders.

snoww app skiing tech

The app allows you to record your stats, upload your photos, and share your exploits with a worldwide community of skiers.

You can even challenge and compete against friends and other skiers.  See where you rank on the leaderboard and unlock trophies as you go.

snoww is free to download from the App Store or Google Play for Android users.

To get the most from snoww take this skiing tech on to the slopes with you.

Action camera

An essential item of kit for every skier.  Record your on-piste triumphs (and fails) with an action camera. Take stunning 4K video as you fly down the mountain or freestyle on your board.

With a GoPro camera you can upload your video to the cloud.  You can then edit your movie directly from your phone.

You are also able to capture action packed photos and share them on your snoww feed.

Make sure you choose a rugged camera which is able to cope with the bumps and knocks it will receive on the mountain.

ski slope panorama


A drone will take your skiing videos to a whole new level.  Literally.

A camera mounted on a drone is an amazing way to capture your downhill run.  The video will be amazing and will certainly put your friends’ shaky smartphone efforts to shame.

But, a couple of warnings.  Firstly, many ski resorts restrict or prohibit the use of drones.  Check the rules before you travel.

Secondly, please don’t be tempted to fly the drone while you’re skiing.  If you do the drone won’t be the only thing lying in a tangled wreck.  Honestly, some people have tried this.


You’ll need an iPhone to manage the snoww app, edit your videos, and keep in touch on social media.

skier using smartphone skiing tech

With its powerful processor, long battery life, and incredible camera the iPhone is perfect for taking on your winter sports holiday.  Durability and water resistance are more reasons to choose Apple’s iconic phone.

Power bank

A long day on the slopes is exhausting.  Not only for you but also for your devices.  Recharge batteries with a handy power bank.  A power bank is small, light, and a great emergency backup for all your skiing tech.

Recharge any USB device quickly and easily.  And don’t let the dreaded ‘low battery’ warning spoil your day on the mountain.

Après ski

What better way to relax after skiing than comparing your stats and videos with your friends?  See who went further or fastest and measure your vertical drop.  See how your stats stack up against the best pros in the world.  You can do it all with snoww.

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  1. You’re seriously advocating taking a £1100 iPhone out on the slopes?
    You may want to get insurance on that!


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