Where can I buy a smart TV?

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The days when we used televisions to only view terrestrial channels are long gone. Nowadays we have satellite services and hook up our laptop to watch on-demand programming. Most of us now stream programmes from the internet. Netflix and Prime are as popular as Sky. But we still enjoy the BBC, ITV and the other mainstream channels.

Traditional televisions just can’t cope with all the extra programming we want to watch. Which is why smart TVs are now so popular.

What is a smart TV?

A smart TV is a television which is connected to the internet. As well as terrestrial channels such as the BBC a smart TV gives you access to on-demand services and other online programming. Many new TVs are smart and they are now available in all sizes from the smallest screens up to the large screens ideal for the main living room in the house.

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Why you need a smart TV

Most new TVs are now smart. You don’t have to connect them to the internet but it will make your viewing experience all the better if you do. With a smart TV you can browse the web and stream online subscription services. But you can still watch terrestrial and satellite channels.

A smart TV will usually come pre-loaded with its own app or one can be downloaded. The apps will usually provide access to on-demand channels like the BBC iPlayer and subscription services such as Netflix.

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It should be pointed out that subscription channels do need to be purchased separately. Though many smart TVs will include Freeview.

Your new smart TV will also include a web browser. You can use this exactly as you would a PC. However, it has to be said some are a little difficult to use.

Broadband the key

To get the best out of your smart TV you will need good broadband speed. Most smart TVs are wireless enabled but you will need fast broadband to stream online content. Most, but certainly not all, households have access to decent broadband which is essential to enjoy your smart TV. An unlimited download limit is also desirable.

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What are the best smart TVs?

The more built-in features the better. But do look at the reviews left by previous buyers. At Ebuyer you can choose the latest smart TVs from the leading manufacturers including Samsung, Sony and LG. All have loads of models to choose from so you are sure to find the one which is best for you.

Where can I buy a smart TV? has a wide choice of smart TVs. They range in size from 32″ to over 60″. You can also choose from HD ready, HD or even 4K resolution. So you will be able to find the a suitable model for every room in the house.

Most will have built in Wi-Fi and extra HDMI slots for you to connect your laptop or satellite equipment. All include Freeview or Freeview HD.

You can check out the full range here.

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