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The Pal-V Liberty flying car has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. And you can buy one soon.

A flying car claiming to be the world’s first production model of its kind has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Pal-V Liberty has been in development for more than ten years and is designed to be able to switch between being a road-going car and a stable aircraft.

The Pal-V Liberty flying car

Though it starts out as a car, flying the Pal-V does require a pilot’s licence, and a small airstrip is also needed for take-off and landing.

The flying car is also something of a limited edition piece, with fewer than 100 versions of the pioneer edition of the vehicle on offer – though a sport version is also going on sale.

The company says it hopes to ship the first cars in 2019. But Pal-V isn’t the only flying car on the horizon. Last year Volvo announced plans for their own flying car and wants to have the vehicle in the air by 2019..

The Terrafugia flying car

Chinese firm Geely, which now owns the Swedish-founded car giant,  purchasd Terrafugia, a US company that specialises in the technology behind, and the production of, flying cars.

Terrafugia was founded in 2006 by a group of graduates from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has set itself a goal of delivering its first flying car by 2019 and then a vertical take-off and landing vehicle (VTOL) to market by 2023.

Founder and chief technology officer Carl Dietrich said: “We started Terrafugia with a vision to change the future of transportation with practical flying cars that enable a new dimension of personal freedom.

“Now, as part of Geely Holding Group, I am confident that we can reach that vision and subsequent commercial success by utilising the group’s shared global synergy.”

The future of flying cars has been a popular subject in the news recently, with Uber revealing more details about its uberAIR ambitions..

The company wants to introduce flying car versions of its ride-hailing services, and has trials planned in Los Angeles and Dallas in the coming years.

Geely chairman Li Shufu said the technology was becoming an increasingly central part of the motoring industry.

volvo flying car

The ultimate mobile solution?

“The team at Terrafugia have been at the forefront of believing in and realising the vision for a flying car and creating the ultimate mobility solution,” he said.

“This is a tremendously exciting sector and we believe that Terrafugia is ideally positioned to change mobility as we currently understand it and herald the development of a new industry in doing so.

“Our investment in the company reflects our shared belief in their vision and we are committed to extending our full support to Terrafugia, leveraging the synergies provided by our international operations and track record of innovation, to make the flying car a reality.”

So no more getting stuck in traffic jams. Just hop over them like Professor Pat Pending in Whacky Races. Although I can’t help but feel that giving some of the numpties on our roads the chance to fly their cars could lead to absolute carnage.

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  1. I worry for ATC staff and controllers world wide problems. Numpties is understatement !!
    ” I have right of way here been using this route for months ” And pilot licences are at this very moment being experimented for fraudulent issues ? So, he has a dodgy licence that was not spotted
    at the time, now the emergency services have a new job on their capable hands ! Untangling
    would be batman fantasists from Cra as well as commercial craft, great, what a PITA ?
    Policing these r soles will surely lead to many and various comedic movie attempts ?
    Miss Piggy in her PINKIE CRAFT CHOX AWAY !!!!!!!


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