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Many PCs and laptops are now being supplied with SSD drives and fitting one is an excellent way to upgrade your current computer. Installing an SSD drive is a quick and easy fix if you are looking for more speed.

But SSD aren’t just fast. They are more reliable and efficient than a traditional hard disk drive. They are also easy to install even if you aren’t super-confident with computers.

laptop with ssd drive

If you already know you want to buy an SSD click here to see the huge range available at Ebuyer. But if you’re still unsure we’ll try and answer some of the questions you may have.

What is an SSD drive?

SSD stands for Solid State Drive. An SSD provides storage for files and applications.

Unlike a traditional hard drive an SSD uses flash memory which is faster than a mechanical hard drive. An SSD has no moving parts and is much less likely to fail.

Why do I need an SSD?

The need for speed

The biggest reason for installing an SSD, or buying a PC with one already installed, is speed. An SSD is much faster than a hard disk drive. With an SSD your system will boot up instantly and any applications will be opened equally as fast.

The speed an SSD delivers means multitasking is easier and you will be more productive. You will be able to use all your programs while running applications in the background.

Reliable storage

Mechanical hard drives have spinning platters and moving parts. They can be easily damaged. But an SSD has no moving parts and will work reliably for years. They can even be knocked or dropped and will still function. An SSD is also quieter and more efficient than a hard drive.

The efficiency of an SSD also has a happy knock on effect as they need less power so will help a laptop battery last longer.

kingston SSD kit


An SSD is versatile. They are available in different form factors and can work alongside your existing hard drive. If you have a hot swap bay it can be used as a massive flash drive.

You can also buy external SSD drives which you can take with you and swap between computers. Great if you use a different computer at home and at work / college.

Great for gamers

Gamers are always looking for an advantage and an SSD provides one. The fast loading times can literally put a gamer in front of the opposition. And when playing solo an SSD delivers a much smoother gaming experience. Making games far more enjoyable to play.

Save time

Whether you use your PC for work, study or for leisure an SSD will definitely improve your experience. The faster loading times mean applications open faster and there is no waiting around when multitasking.

There is nothing as frustrating as waiting for a PC to open a program or to complete a task. An SSD will go a long way towards eradicating those frustrations.

fas ssd for gaming

Where can I buy SSD drives?

Ebuyer.com has over 150 different SSDs for you to choose from. Whichever form factor you are looking for you will find it here. Choose from capacities ranging from 120GB to a whopping 4TB.

If you are wondering where you can buy portable SSD drives we have you covered. Click here to see our range of portable SSDs. They are available in a range of capacities of up to 1TB.

What are the best SSD drives?

The SSD drives stocked at Ebuyer are produced by the most innovative companies in tech. You can find SSDs from huge names such as Crucial, Kingston and Samsung amongst others.

Check out the full range and upgrade your PC today.

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  1. @John
    I don’t see why not depending on the device but I don’t think you would see much (if any) advantage using an SSD over a mechanical for recording video.

    SSD’s have many great points but I personally don’t think you would see the benefits of SSD technology over mechanical for this particular function. In addition, the storage to £’s ratio compared to mechanical drives is just bad in comparison. If your recording at 1080p or 4k, your not going to get as much video on an SSD that costs, say £100 (best I can see is 480GB from Sandisk). Spending £100 on a mechanical drive will give you 4TB of space, or in other words, an extra 8 times the capacity.

    I am the tech guy for the office I work in and every single one of the machines have SSD’s in them. In my opinion, SSD’s great for computers as the data the PC needs to access tends to be spread in many different areas over the disk. With no moving parts in SSD’s, the data is accessed almost instantly. With a video recording and playback device that only has this as a purpose, the advantage you will see is that your video may load a few seconds quicker but as the video will almost certainly be recorded in one “block”, I expect that there would be little search time needed for this type of scenario.

    In a nutshell, I would say buy an SSD for video recording and playback only devices if you hate your money.

  2. Let’s try that again, “Anonymous” indeed!! Are there any problems cloning a Windows OS HDD to an SSD?

  3. @Stuart The techies here assure me that all things being equal and as long as your motherboard isn’t ancient you shouldn’t have any problems. With an SSD your system will boot up much faster

  4. @ Stuart “Anonymous” Mallion – I did this recently with the Kingston kit, and found that the bundled software (Acronis) would only clone the entire disk, not partition by partition as you want to do. (I’m assuming that your Windows OS is on its own partition.)
    However, if you download EaseUS ToDo disk cloning tool (free trial version) you can easily migrate the partition, and optimise the structure at the same time. It really works a treat.

    Tutorial here: https://www.easeus.com/todo-backup-guide/disk-clone-guide.html

  5. Remember, SSDs only have a finite number of write cycles, so for maximum life span DISABLE the automatic defragmentation.
    (Right click your hard drive; Properties; Tools; Optimise; Select your SSD(s); Scheduled Optimisation: Turn OFF.)
    Because an SSD has no moving parts, it makes no difference at all to the access time whether the files are scattered all over the place or squished together. A traditional hard disk has a pick up arm just like a vinyl record deck which is far more efficient at file retrieval if it doesn’t have to move too far, hence the need for de-fragging.
    Don’t panic, even with the limit on write cycles, the SSD should still far outlast the moving parts of a mechanical disc.

  6. I have recently upgraded my desktop, which came with Wndows 10 installed on the the one Tb drive. I have now ordered an Lite-on SSD drive (from you) with the intention of making this my ‘Drive C’ with OS and programs to take advantage of the speed. This will keep my data files separate in case of malfuncion. However, I am a loss to know how to transfer the OS and other stuff to the new drive. Any suggestions where I can receive guidance on such a change.

  7. Hi Guys,
    Thanks Craig and thank you Lawrence A. I like the fact you mentioned EaseUS To Do as I have been using that for some time. it’s nice to know I made a good decision, for once! LOL.

    I was thinking of replacing the HDD in my Humax Freesat recorder with an SSD for the very simple reason, it takes the damn thing 35-40 seconds to power up! I’m assuming an SSD will make a lot of difference.

  8. I would not advise replacing the Humax drive with SSD. I tried but it did not work. I think Humax use a special AV drive which can record multiple channels simultaneously while playing back.

  9. Hi recently bought a Kingston A400 480GB and adapter. No installing ianstructions came with it. I contacted Ebuyer yesterday and got NO REPLY up till now, one might come yet. Can anyone help me with a link or installing instructions, bearing in mind I’m getting on a bit and have very basic computer knowledge, Thanks.

  10. You need to be careful with these devices, I have an HP 655 laptop and it will not accept an SSD. When I install the SSD and switch on I get a request for a bootable device. I am an IT professional and I know about legacy modes, AHCI, SATA2/3 etc I have also seen the same problem on a Compaq laptop so I guess it’s some low level incompatibility or timing issue. I have been on the HP forums and others have seen the problem but not all HPs or Compaqs do it. One suggestion is that there is a “whitelist” of own branded kit which will be accepted. So far I have tried SSDs from various manufacturers as well as hybrid drives. The very same SSD will boot in another computer but not these.

  11. Hi Anonymous, thanks for the heads-up. I had wondered if there might be a problem. Pity ‘cos it annoys the heck out me waiting for it to “Boot up”, I mean 35-40 seconds is P.D.S.!

  12. Stuart

    On newish humax recorders there is an “eco” mode which puts the device into a “deep” sleep. It is possible to set a timer which can be set to turn this mode on when you are unlikely to be using the device.

    The device turns on quite quickly from the normal standby mode. This can be set up by choosing the “settings” menu option.

    Are you sure that you have not got the device permanently set to the “deep sleep” mode.


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