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Everyone wants to own a Porsche. Now you can. And it won’t burn too large a hole in your bank account. What’s more the Porsche Design Book 2 in 1 laptop is far more environmentally friendly than a Porsche car, costs much less to run, and is far more versatile. Of course you can’t bomb down the motorway on a laptop but you can’t have everything.

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What is the Porsche Design Book 2 in 1 laptop?

It’s an ultrabook. In other words a high-end, high-performance Windows laptop. Think Microsoft Surface Book, Toshiba Portege or HP EliteBook for comparison. Ultrabooks are intended to compete with the Apple MacBook in terms of design, versatility and of course performance.

Why Porsche?

The laptop is a product of Porsche Design Computing. Yes it really is a Porsche.

What’s so special about the Porsche Design Book 2 in 1 laptop?

Let’s start with the design. We all like to say we only think about performance when we consider which laptop we are going to buy. But let’s be honest. Looks play a huge part in our buying decisions. And the Porsche Design Book looks incredible. But you don’t need me to tell you that. You can see for yourself.

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NOW £600 OFF

Wonderfully engineered the computer is coated in anodized aluminium. The laptop can be rotated 360 degrees and for ultimate portability the tablet can be detached from the keyboard.

Porsche Design Book 2 in 1 laptop tablet detachedThe computer is also extremely lightweight. It’s just 1580grams or 758grams if you detach the tablet from the keyboard. Which, by the way, is very easy to do. And the tablet snaps back into position just as easily.


OK let’s talk performance. As you would expect from a Porsche this laptop is seriously fast.

The Porsche Design Book 2 in 1 laptop is powered by a seventh generation Intel i7-75000U 2.70GHz processor. You can turbo boost that up to 3.50GHz. To support the i7 it has 16GB LPDDR3 memory and a superfast 512GB SSD.

What else does it have?

So it looks great and is lightning fast. What is like to work on? Well, every laptop claims to ‘increase productivity and boost creativity.’ It’s a nice marketing spiel. But the Porsche Design Book 2 in 1 laptop really delivers.

The screen is 13.3inches with a 3200 x 1800 resolution. The full size keyboard has a dimmable backlight and the glass touchpad has five-finger multi-touch control. It has Windows 10 built in of course and is supplied with the Book One Pen which has over 4,000 pressure points.

If working on the go is your thing you will be delighted to know the Porsche Design Book 2 in 1 laptop has a lithium polymer battery which provides up to 14 hours run time. And it fully recharges in just two hours.

You can see the full specifications and all the other features of this amazing laptop on the Ebuyer website by clicking here. Buy today and you can save £600 off our usual retail price.

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