Where can I buy encrypted flash drives?

where can i buy encrypted flash drives

Flash drives are such useful devices. They are small, portable and available in ever larger capacities. They are great for storing work files or personal memories. And they are plug and play devices. Use them with any computer.

Most of us will have a flash drive or two in our desk drawer or laptop bag. But you can also buy encrypted flash drives.

What are encrypted flash drives?

In most aspects encrypted models are the same as other flash drives. They are available in different capacities ranging from 16GB to 128GB. And most models now have a USB 3.0 connection for superfast transfer of files.

Light and portable a flash drive is the ideal way to transport all your files and documents.

encrypted flash drives

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But how encrypted drives differ from other types is in their design and security. Many encrypted flash drives have metal casings to protect them from knocks and drops. They can also be water resistant. All of which makes this type of drive ideal for transporting files if you are travelling or want to minimise the risk of the drive being damaged.

But the biggest difference of course is security. Each drive delivers business class security with 256-bit hardware encryption. And, with password security enabled, your files will be safe as houses. Some models also lock down or reformat after a limited number of intrusion attempts.

Why you need encrypted flash drives

With an encrypted drive your information will be safe should anyone deliberately or accidentally try to access your drive. This makes them the perfect vehicle for transporting critical data and sensitive information. But they are also ideal for other users who just want to make sure their data stays confidential. Workers in a shared office, students in digs or those who work at home.

padlock and encrypted flash drivesBut if you are in business there is another important reason why you should consider encrypted flash drives.


With GDPR if you are transporting sensitive data it must be encrypted. An easy and obvious way to do this is to use encrypted flash drives.

But flash drives are easily lost or ‘borrowed’. They have a habit of disappearing. Taking data out of the business presents risk. But by using an encrypted flash drive the critical data stored upon it is secure. And if the worse should happen and the drive is lost or stolen the data is protected.

Where can I buy encrypted flash drives?

At Ebuyer we have a full range of encrypted hard drives in different capacities. You can pick up a 16GB model for less than £20. To see the full range click here.

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