Where can I buy external hard drives?

where can i buy external hard drives

One of the most versatile, easy to use and value for money peripherals you can buy for your PC. External hard drives tick all the boxes and are something every one of us can use.

What are external hard drives?

They are storage devices which attach to your PC or laptop via a connecting capable. Usually via USB. They save data and store files in exactly the same way as the hard drive inside your PC. They are small devices designed to be portable with the hard drive itself enclosed in a plastic case.

Why you need an external hard drive


Most external hard drives are very lightweight and portable. They can easily fit inside a laptop bag or coat pocket.


Most external drives are suitable for cross-platform use. You can use them with multiple computers. This means you can easily save files from a computer at college for instance and then upload them to your home PC via your external hard drive.

external hard drives

Desktop drives

External hard drives are also available in desktop versions. Designed to sit permanently on the desk they are larger and have bigger capacities. Desktop hard drives are an ideal way to permanently increase storage capacity of a PC without having to open the case.


External hard drives have a number of benefits and uses:

  • As a backup for the hard drive in your PC.
  • To store collections of videos or photos in one convenient place.
  • To safely transport files.
  • As off-site storage for important information or data.
  • To store operating systems and applications.
  • Cheap and easy additional storage space when your PC’s hard drive is near capacity.
  • Ideal for video files.
  • USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt external hard drives are extremely fast and can quickly transfer large files between itself and a PC.
  • So easy to use. Just plug and play.
  • Extra storage without having to open up your computer case.


No matter what you are going to use your external hard drive for you will find one with the capacity you need. From convenient 500GB devices for storing photos or personal information right up to 8TB drives for professional backup and archiving.


You can buy a 1TB external hard drive for less than £50. This is amazing value for money when you consider the capacity and ease of use. Naturally you can pay much more. An 8TB Thunderbolt drive for professional video archiving will cost hundreds of pounds. But for normal everyday use, storing photos or work files for example, you can buy an awful lot of storage for a small amount of money.

The low cost means you can if you wish have dedicated drives for different projects. Keep all your family photos on one drive, your extreme sport videos on another.

Generally speaking the higher the capacity of the device the higher the price.

What are the best external hard drives?

It depends what you are going to use the device for. If you want an external hard drive for backing up your PC hard drive or storing media you can find great low cost 1TB models from Toshiba, Buffalo and Western Digital among many others.

If you are using your device for transferring files from one PC to another than any lower capacity drive will be ideal. Small and lightweight they are easy to carry.

A desktop drive will be the best solution if you are looking to increase the storage of your PC or to use as a permanent backup of the OS and applications on your computer.

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