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The robot kitchen takes just three minutes or less to prepare a meal.

A new restaurant in Boston is serving affordable food made almost entirely by robots.

Spyce, which opened on May 3, has a robot kitchen staffed by seven cooking woks.

Food is prepped by human chefs, and once a customer orders using a touch-screen, a “runner” robot collects and portions the food. From there it is poured into the woks from the hoppers above, and one of the woks cooks each individual meal.

This takes three minutes or less and the cost of a bowl of food starts at 7.50 dollars. Meals are finished off by human servers who add spices or sauces.

After this the robot cleans and sanitises each wok.

food from the robot kitchen

Michael Farid and Luke Schlueter, CEOs of Spyce, came up with the idea of the robot kitchen while studying at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in an effort to combat expensive food bills.

Sphero Droid with free forceband – just £99.95. But it’s rubbish at cooking.

The menu is all bowl based, with meals themed around different cuisines, including Latin, Thai, India and Moroccan. French chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud will oversee the menu direction and help to train staff. And robots presumably.

The founders are also concerned with the environment – the robot kitchen runs entirely off renewable energy. These new robotic chefs are obviously out to compete with Flippy the burger flipping robot.

So keep an eye of the greasy spoon down the road. It’s only a matter of time before you have a robot serving up your bacon butty and cup of tea.

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