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Flying cars have been in the news a lot lately. And a start-up backed by Google co-founder Larry Page is close to making it a reality with the Kitty Hawk flying car.

Recently, aircraft company Kitty Hawk unveiled a sleek version of its electric prototype vehicle called the Flyer.

When the aircraft was first revealed in 2017, it was an open-seated contraption powered by eight battery-powered propellers and weighed 200 pounds.

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But after what looks like a design overhaul, the new vehicle looks sleeker – resembling more like a drone – and comes in slightly heavier at 250 pounds and features two additional propellers.

It has a maximum elevation of 10 feet and a top speed of 20 mph – both of which are limited by the flight control system for riders who are flying the aircraft for the first time.

According to Kitty Hawk, the Flyer – which seats one – is “designed to be easy to fly and flown for recreational purposes over water and uncongested areas”.

The company says a Kitty Hawk flying car pilot just needs two hours’ worth of training to be able to operate the aircraft.

Following the unveiling of the prototype, Kitty Hawk invited American YouTuber Casey Neistat for a test flight.

Mr Neistat, who has over 9.6 million subscribers on his channel, described the Kitty Hawk flying car as “amazing”, adding: “If this thing didn’t have these limiters on it, I would have taken it up to 500 feet”.

The 37-year-old spent around two hours training for the flight, which involved getting the hang of the controls using a simulator before jumping into the flying car and learning how to release the seat belt.

The Kitty Hawk flying car is currently classified as an ultralight aircraft in the US, which means no special licence is required to operate it.

The company hasn’t disclosed when the Kitty Hawk flying car goes on sale, or how much it will cost, but those interested can join the “Founders Series” group and fill out an online form and put their names on a waiting list.

Just what we need then. A load of thrill seeking wallys flying down the street. Can’t wait.

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  1. Not sure I agree with Anon and Anonymous. The Jetsons’ car didn’t use wheels either, it just flew.

    I’d love to fly it up the Thames and under Tower Bridge!

  2. So how can it be classed as a car – just an overgrown drone – cannot be “driven” on the road – couldn’t possibly be road legal – and “flown” by any numpty who an hold a joystick and work out how to release a seatbelt. Oh joy – let’s hope someone invents a portable surface to air missile launcher you can get in WalMart lol

  3. Since the word ‘Car’ is a contraction of the word ‘Carriage’…it most certainly is a car.


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