Buying a new fridge freezer

buying a new fridge freezer

Buying a new fridge freezer used to be so easy. It would be white, slim and both the fridge and freezer compartments would be tiny. That’s not the case anymore.

Fridge freezers are now taller and wider. Are available in different colours to match your kitchen. And packed with funky features. Most of which we never knew we needed. In addition you can stand them in a corner, put them under a counter or even hide them in a cupboard.

So much choice.

But let’s try and narrow it down a bit by looking at your options when you’re buying a new fridge freezer.

woman opening door of fridge freezer

Types of fridge freezer


Probably the type of fridge freezer most of us have. Because they can be positioned anywhere in the kitchen and they are certainly the most popular. Their popularity means they are available in more sizes and styles than the other types of fridge freezer. They also tend to be cheaper than other types. They can usually be found in widths of 60cm or 70cm.

American style

american style fridge freezerThey do things bigger in the States. And that’s very true of their home appliances. American fridge freezers are huge. They are becoming more popular in the UK but you do need more room than with a traditional freestanding fridge freezer. They take up a lot of floor space. They also cost more to run but the trade-off is they can store so much more.


These are bespoke built-in units hidden away behind cupboard doors. They are more expensive than other models with less choice.

Under the counter units

These fit snuggly under your kitchen or utility room counter tops. They are smaller than freestanding units and consequently have less capacity.

Popular features in fridge freezers

Nowadays fridge freezers have so many more features and functions than they used to have. And it isn’t just the higher end models. We won’t go through them all, there are too many to mention, but here are some you can look out for when you’re buying a new fridge freezer:

  • Adjustable glass shelves – make the space work for you.
  • Control panel – lets you control all the bells and whistles.
  • Adjustable thermostats – for both fridge and freezer compartments.
  • Frost free – no more having to defrost the freezer.
  • Fast freeze – freezes food faster to keep the freshness in.
  • Quick chill – as above but chills the food rather than freezes it.
  • Bottle racks – ideal for storing and chilling wine.

buying a new fridge freezer? Look for a salad drawer with vegatables

  • Salad crisper drawers – adds extra bite to your veg.
  • Door alarms – lets you know if your door is left open.
  • Drinks dispenser – provides chilled water instantly. Some models have their own tanks but be aware others may need plumbing in to the main water supply.

Of course the more basic the fridge freezer the less features it will have. But you’ll find many of the above in the higher end units.

Energy efficiency

The more efficient a fridge freezer the more economical it is to run. Energy levels are rated from ‘A+++’ down to ‘A’. The higher the rating the less it should cost in energy bills.

What size fridge freezer do I need?

This depends on the amount of food you buy and the space you have available. Which is pretty obvious really. But you do of course need to ensure the fridge freezer you buy is large enough for your needs. A family will typically need a higher capacity unit than a single person or a couple.

woman with groceries in front of fridge freezerAlso think about the food you buy. If you buy more fresh food you’ll probably need a larger fridge compartment. But if you buy frozen food in bulk a bigger freezer compartment will be needed.

Manufacturers use litres to measure a fridge freezer’s capacity. The more litres the more food the unit can take. But how much food that means in practical terms is difficult to say. The number of internal shelves and bottle racks will reduce the stated capacity slightly. Naturally enough smaller units will have lower capacities.

A wise course of action may be to measure the space you have available, look at the fridge freezers which will fit that space and then choose one which has the largest capacity but keeps within your budget and has all the features you need.

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