Cheap laptops under £200: Time to bag a bargain

cheap laptops under £200

Are you still able to find cheap laptops? The good news is yes you can. With technology always improving, and the cost of components falling, prices inevitable come down. And now laptops under £200 are much easier to find.

Cheap doesn’t have to mean nasty

When it comes to cheap laptops you obviously have to make compromises. If you’re on a budget and looking for a laptop with an i7 processor, NVIDIA graphics card, masses of RAM and an SSD you’re going to be disappointed. You’re in the wrong market.

You do need to lower your sights. Forget high end and all the bells and whistles. Change your mind set a little. You only have to find a laptop which will do the tasks you set it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a great laptop for a budget price.

It all depends on what you want the laptop for. If you are a gamer, designer or music maker you need a high-specification PC. But, if you’re going to be using your laptop for everyday computing you will definitely be able to find cheap laptops under £200.

moman using cheap laptops under £200These laptops are fine for social media, surfing the web and word processing etc. Most cheap laptops under £200 will also have a full version of Windows 10 installed. So perfect for the home or college user.


As we mentioned earlier you’re not going to find a super-fast processor in a cheap laptop. But you don’t have to. You only need to find a processor which can manage the tasks you want the laptop to perform. An Intel Celeron processor has enough processing power to cope with basic computing tasks and are ideal for in the classroom.

The latest Intel Celeron (and Pentium) processors are more powerful than their predecessors. Most entry level laptops will have one of these processors. They do the job. You can edit photos and stream videos as well as other everyday tasks.

Of course they don’t have the power that other Intel processors have. But they don’t have the price tag either.

Continue to compromise

Storage is probably the biggest compromise you will make. Most laptops under £200 will use flash storage. Again this is fine for everyday tasks. But an external hard drive will add an extra dimension to the laptop by providing as much storage as you need.

cheap laptops under £200

Trekstor Surfbook – only £169.00 from Ebuyer.com

Needless to say build quality will take a hit too. The laptop won’t be as robust as those with a higher price tag and the keyboard may seem ‘tinny’. But for an entry level, budget or occasional use PC this shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Again, for everyday computing tasks a cheap laptop such as the Archos Cesium is more than acceptable.

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Found a few more pennies down the back of the sofa?

Can you raise your budget a little? Stretch to £300? Just upping your budget to £300 can make a world of difference. It’ll open up access to faster processors, large capacity hard drives and better performance. A Chromebook will also be within your budget.

Check out the full Ebuyer selection of laptops under £300.

Whatever your budget you’ll find the best online selection of laptops right here at Ebuyer.com.

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