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Jacob the Bear
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Sun, games, and the Intel Hades Canyon. Join our resident gamer, Jacob the Bear, as he looks back at his time spent in Los Angeles schmoozing with the gaming elite at E3 2018.

Jetting off to LA for E3 2018 I did think twice about packing the Intel Hades Canyon. I was concerned I wouldn’t want to use this system as I had a laptop with me. However, I quickly found that its size, power and wireless ability made it a super useful bit of on the road kit.

Now not everyone is going to be going on holiday with a mini PC, keyboard and mouse etc. But as I sat playing Pubg in my hotel room between conferences, I couldn’t help but think what an amazing Lan or uni PC this thing would make.

It is a bit on the expensive side when you deck it out like we have, but not everyone will need a 1tb M.2 SSD or even 32GB of RAM. You can build this system cheaper and get just as good an experience.

However, what you gain from this, is portability, a tiny box you can take from home to uni in just a back pack and a system that pumps out games like Far Cry 5 at 60fps on normal settings. Because of this the Intel Hades Canyon is the best Lan PC you never knew you needed.

ebuyers highlights of e3 2018
(Martyn Landi/PA)

But I didn’t spend all my time at E3 on my own in a dark hotel room playing Pubg. I did get out and about meeting some great people and enjoying the amazing spectacle in the LA Convention Center.

From Call Of Duty to FIFA 19 and The Last Of Us Part II, some of the industry’s biggest names were on show during the three-day event.

Here are just a few highlights of E3 2018.

1. Cyberpunk 2077 revealed at Xbox

Ahead of E3 2018 there had been lots of rumours about CD Project Red – the studio behind the critically acclaimed The Witcher series – and its next game.

Talk of a game based on the classic tabletop game Cyberpunk 2020 had caught the imagination, but as Xbox boss Phil Spencer started giving his closing remarks it seemed as if it wasn’t to be this year.

But then the Xbox stage appeared to be hacked – thoughts for a moment turned to a possible new Watch Dogs game – before it suddenly appeared in front of us. Night City, the setting of Cyberpunk 2077.

The first trailer showed a dystopian future world full of gangsters, neon and opportunity.

2. Andrew W.K. opens Bethesda’s showcase

Bethesda has a reputation for being big, bold and loud and at E3 2018 it decided to push that even further when showing gameplay from Rage 2 for the first time.

To provide a live soundtrack to the footage for those in the crowd was singer Andrew WK, whose wild rock performance was the perfect accompaniment for the frenetic post-apocalyptic shooter.

intel hades canyon
Intel Hades Canyon i7 VEGA Gaming Machine

As a way of grabbing the attention at the start of a video game reveal, it also worked a treat.

Check out the opening few minutes of the video above and you’ll get the idea.

3. Sony goes immersive for The Last Of Us Part 2

Anticipation for Sony’s E3 2018 announcements was understandably high – triple AAA adventures Ghost Of Tsushima and The Last Of Us Part 2 were both expected to be part of the announcements.

What unfolded at the event was much more unexpected however, as PlayStation opted for an immersive theatre approach, making attendees stand in a replica of the church that appears at the beginning of The Last Of Us trailer.

As a way of immersing viewers in the room into a game’s universe it was a potent few moments, until the waves of cameras and smartphones appeared above heads, blocking the view for anyone not at the very front of the room.

4. Fortnite on the Switch

For all that is happening in the world of gaming, few titles are grabbing more headlines or expanding its fanbase in the way that Fortnite is.

The now infamous Walmart Canada leak earlier this year suggested the battle royale game would make the jump to the Nintendo Switch this year, and at E3 2018 the Japanese gaming giant confirmed the news.

What followed was a rush of downloads – two million people downloaded the game on the Switch in its first 24 hours of availability.

But there was also some controversy as Sony were criticised for not supporting cross-play capabilities between the PS4 and Nintendo Switch – meaning gamers on PS4 currently aren’t able to carry their progress between the two platforms, something which is possible between the Xbox and Switch systems.

5. Halo Infinite

Halo – Nothing more needs to be said…. This was the announcement of the show… fight me. I don’t care. Master Chief is BACK!

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