How to choose your new washing machine

choose your new washing machine

Looking for a new washing machine? The first thing to consider is the type of washing machine you need. If you have built in appliances you need an integrated model. Otherwise you need a freestanding washing machine.

The next thing to consider is size. This is blindingly obvious but do remember to ensure your new appliance will fit into the space your current washing machine occupies. Believe or not people do order an appliance which is too big for the space they have. And yes I am talking from personal experience.

So, type and size (should) be pretty straight forward. But what other things should you think about when you choose your new washing machine?


A washing machines capacity is measured in kg. In other words the amount of dry clothes the drum will hold.

load capacity of new washing machineAs a guide, a small family would usually look at a capacity of 7kg. But it really depends on how often you wash. If you do small loads more regularly than a larger wash once or twice a week a medium capacity of 6 or 7kg would be fine. A small family may consider an 8KG washing machine.

Another thing to consider is that larger washing machines are usually more expensive to run. They generally cost more to buy too.

Running costs

Exact costs are hard to measure. But the energy class of the appliance will help you choose an energy efficient model. The more energy efficient a washing machine is the cheaper it is to run.

You can see the energy class of each washing machine on the Ebuyer site by looking at the technical specification. Energy levels go from ‘A+++’ which is the best down to ‘A’. If you see an appliance for sale rated at less than ‘A’ it will be an older washing machine.

Spin speed

The spin speed refers to how fast the drum spins at the end of the wash to remove water from the clothes. Nominally the faster the spin speed the better. However the faster the spin the more expensive the appliance is to run. The most common spin speeds are 1,200 to 1,400rpm and should be ideal for most households.

young woman using new washing machine

Bells and whistles

You’ll find new washing machines have lots of features built in. Quick-wash programmes, hand-wash settings, self-cleaning programmes and child safety locks to name just a few.

Take the time to look through the product descriptions you’ll find on the Ebuyer website. When it’s time to choose your new washing machine you’ll find even the least expensive appliances have all the features you need for a quick and efficient wash.

Check out all the latest washing machines – all at the lowest prices you’ll find online – at Ebuyer.

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