iron man jet suit
Iron Man jet suit. (Tim Ireland/PA)
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A flying Iron Man jet suit has gone on sale – though you may need to sell your house to buy it.

Just nine of the Gravity flight suits are available from Selfridges, costing £340,000 each. Pretty good deal if you have the cash to splash. And, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want one? Yes it’s expensive but what else could you buy for the same money…

The iron man jet suit in action

A demonstration flight outside the store showed a pilot in an iron man jet suit hovering a few metres above ground, although inventor Richard Browning says it’s capable of flying much higher.

The 3D-printed iron man jet suit can fly at up to 32mph thanks to its lightweight exoskeleton design and several gas turbine engines attached to the arms and hips. It uses four litres of fuel per minute, which allows it to stay above ground for about four minutes.

iron man jet suit on sales for £340,000
Inventor Richard Browning set a Guinness World Record with the suit last year (Matt Alexander/PA)

Anyone lucky enough to afford the iron man jet suit requires mandatory flight training, while everyone else can get a small taste of what it’s like through a virtual reality experience at the department store.

Mr Browning, who has been compared to Marvel’s Tony Stark from the Iron Man series, earned a Guinness World Record for the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine power suit last year.

You’ll have to dig deep and empty the piggy banks if you want your own iron man jet suit. But it’ll make nipping down to the shops a real blast.

* Prices correct at time of posting.


  1. So doing the maths, in four minutes it can travel a shade over 2 miles, using 16 litres of fuel in the process. So this is good for 0.57MPG and will cost you £340,000. I’d rather buy a supercar, at least it would be more economical. 🙂


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