Uber Spotlight helps their drivers spot you in a crowd

uber spotlight

Uber is rolling out some handy new features that will make spotting passengers a lot easier for drivers. Among them is Uber Spotlight, which displays a unique colour on your screen to hold in the air. The driver is shown the colour to look out for on their phone so they can find you in busy crowds or during nighttime.

Uber Spotlight is just one of several improvements the company has rolled out to the US and Canada, which will make their way across the Atlantic sooner or later.

Uber Spotlight feature on mobile phone screen

Uber’s new Spotlight feature. (Uber)

Customers can also leave pickup messages to help drivers identify them, without taking their attention off the road. Whether you’re providing details about what you’re wearing or just saying you’re a little held up, messages are read aloud to drivers.

Elsewhere, the taxi hailing app is starting an on-time guarantee for scheduled pickups whenever you have an important meeting or a flight to catch.

“Our on-time guarantee means your scheduled ride will arrive during the time period you select, or we’ll give you Uber credit towards your next ride,” the company said.

Uber was recently issued a short-term operating licence in London, after its permit was not renewed by TFL over safety concerns.


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