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The Beosound Edge (Bang & Olufsen)
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The Beosound Edge rolling speaker is inspired by the classic pound coin and can also be attached to walls.

Audio firm Bang & Olufsen has unveiled a unique take on the home wireless speaker. A circular device that can be rolled around to change the volume settings.

The Beosound Edge, unveiled ahead of the IFA technology show in Berlin, can be placed on the floor or mounted to a wall. But when on the floor rolling the device either forward or backward increases or decreases the volume. Who needs a volume dial eh?

Bang & Olufsen rolling speaker
(Bang & Olufsen)

The rolling speaker sound

In addition, Bang & Olufsen said the direction of the sound can be controlled via the companion app. This enables users to send sound in only one direction creating what it calls a “passive” area behind the speaker for those who don’t want to listen.

The new rolling speaker, which will cost £2,900, also comes with voice control capabilities when connected to smarthome assistants.

Bang & Olufsen rolling speaker attached to wall
(Bang & Olufsen)

B&O concept manager Kresten Bjorn Krab-Bjerre said the firm had intentionally designed a device unlike anything seen before.

“With Beosound Edge, we are bringing forward a timeless design masterpiece that inspires the imagination with an interaction and experience never before seen in home audio,” he said.

“From a distance it is monolithic and discreet hiding everything that suggests technology. Yet it is unforgettable in sound performance, punching above and beyond what you would expect for the size of the speaker.”

The announcement is among the first of many – plenty of which will be just as outlandish – ahead of the IFA technology trade show in Germany. The show will feature new devices from the likes of Sony and Samsung will appear alongside concept robotics and other futuristic gadgets. And we’ll bring news on the best, or the most ridiculous, as they are announced.

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  1. An interesting concept but one thing jumps to mind. When I bought my current speakers they came with the option to use spikes to couple them to the floor. I had never tried this before but tried it. An absolute revelation, much better soundstage and clarity. I suspect that the B and O speakers will be free to wobble about causing unpredictable effects although as it is a single speaker you wouldn’t have to worry about the soundstage!


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