A brief look at Toshiba MG Series enterprise hard drives

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As data demands on businesses grow high-capacity storage solutions are becoming essential for organisations of all sizes. From datacentres to small office teams every business needs storage they can trust and rely on to handle large volumes of data while keeping critical data safe. For most organisations looking for business class storage Toshiba MG Series enterprise hard drives are the answer.

What are enterprise hard drives?

Simply put they are hard drives formatted for use in commercial or datacentre environments. They will handle large volumes of complex data with ease. They can operate 24/7 so are ideal for high capacity storage and industrial servers.

enterprise hard drives are used in datacentresAdditionally an enterprise hard drive is more reliable than a consumer drive, has a longer warranty and delivers maximum performance during read and write operations.

What are the other differences between consumer and enterprise hard drives?

In many ways comparing the two types of hard drive is like comparing chalk and cheese. But we’ll give it a go.

Enterprise Hard Drives Consumer Hard Drives
SATA or SAS drive SATA Only
24/7 operation Designed for laptops and desktop PCs
Used in data intensive environments Used in single desktop operations
Toshiba Capacities up to 14TB Toshiba Capacities up to 3TB
Five year warranty on Toshiba MG Series Two year warranty on Toshiba consumer drives
Toshiba stable platter technology – more reliable Higher failure rate when used in intensive operations
Can handle huge workloads over 500TB per year Typically can handle 25-30TB per year


As you can see the main difference is an enterprise drive can handle far larger volumes of data. Not only that but it will work around the clock. Which any drive in an enterprise environment must do. This is something consumer drives just can’t match. Using consumer drives in a server, RAID configuration or for surveillance for example would result in a in a high failure rate compared to enterprise hard drives.

But enterprise hard drives can cope with a huge amount of work. They can handle around 550TB per year. This is far more than a consumer hard drive which maxes out at around 30TB.

What are enterprise drives used for?

You will find Toshiba enterprise hard drives in:

  • High-capacity server systems.
  • Business critical storage.
  • Cloud storage systems
  • Hyperscale storage solutions.
  • Distributed file systems.
  • Data recovery systems
  • Surveillance data storage.
  • Enterprise, industrial and commercial server systems.

Why Toshiba?

Big data drives the online world. To keep up you need reliable storage. Crucially enterprise HDDs keep critical data safe. Even if the power supply is interrupted.

toshiba enterprise hard drivesIt’s that reliability which elevates Toshiba MG Series drives above all others. Backed by a five year warranty they will perform around the clock for years on end. They provide the ultimate peace of mind for all businesses which handle large volumes of critical data.

Features of Toshiba enterprise hard drives

  • 3.5″ SATA or SAS Hard Drive.
  • 24/7 operation.
  • 5-year warranty.
  • Toshiba Stable Platter Technology.
  • Persistent Write Cache technology.
  • 550 TB/year workload.
  • Flexibility in block size and SIE and SED options.
  • Rotational Vibrations sensor.

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