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Cherry MW2310 with nano receiver

Surely a mouse is just a mouse? Be it corded or cordless, has 2 buttons or 10, it performs the same function – to move the pointer around the screen and click on the relevant icons. However, do we really take enough notice of what we’re using and what difference could be made by making alternative choices?

Considering that next to the humble keyboard and monitor, the mouse is one of the most used devices on the desktop, sometimes it fades into the background when it comes to the thought put into choice of device. Some things to consider:

1) How many hours is the mouse being used during the day?
2) How large is your monitor?
3) How much space is there on your physical desktop for the mouse to move?
4) Do you travel around with a mouse for your laptop?
5) Is noise an issue in the workplace?
6) Are you a Mac user with a single-button mouse?
7) Do you suffer with any wrist complaints due to the shape/size/position of the product you’re currently using?

The answers are all about the individual and there’s no real ‘one size fits all’ option in the market.

So, if the mouse is in constant use, make sure it’s comfortable. Despite what may seem right, choose something which is over-sized, rather than too small – an incorrect grip on the product or using it at different angles can cause hand/finger fatigue and potentially joint pain further down the line. Make sure your wrist is positioned on the desk, perhaps on a soft pad and you’re not reaching for the mouse across the desk.

Everyone will have their own comfortable position to hold/use the mouse, be it like a claw over the mouse, resting the hand on the mouse surface, or simply using fingertips, so it’s worth choosing the mouse based on the most comfortable version for you.

correct way to hold a mouse


If using a mouse for long periods, making small changes can improve comfort as a whole and prevent further issues from manifesting later on.

Consider the size of your monitor. If you have a small monitor, which has large icons, then a mouse with a smaller dpi, 800-1000, for instance, may be sufficient. In these days of 27 inch + displays, then the higher the dpi, the less movement your hand and wrist will have to make in order to point the cursor to the relevant icons. Therefore, the more comfortable it will be to use and less stress is placed on hand/arm movements.

Workspace is always at a premium, with files, papers, the PC, monitor and keyboard taking up valuable desk-space. Here, for even the smallest monitor, a higher dpi rated mouse may be beneficial – the less movement the mouse has to make, the less desk-space it needs to take up.

For mobile users, a few things to consider. Do you need a smaller, mobile mouse to carry around so that presentations are easier than using a touchpad? If so, what about the size of receiver that the mouse is supplied with – can this be left inside the laptop when travelling or can it be stored inside the mouse itself? Do you need Bluetooth or is RF more than enough for your need? What is the range of the wireless connection? Wired or wireless – what’s better? What about battery life?

cheery gentrix silent mouse Cherry MW8 Mouse with pouch
Gentix Silent MW8 Advanced Mouse with travel pouch


Products which are portable, along with a laptop, need to be small enough to transport, but large enough to use, so worth looking at the options. If you need a wireless version, make sure that the receiver is a ‘nano’ variety, then it can permanently remain in the laptop if required, but also easily store inside the mouse if required.

Bluetooth technology and RF are very similar, but consider if you also need a further Bluetooth receiver as your device may not have it built-in. Consider if wireless is required – for some users, a simple wired product may be sufficient.

Battery life is all-important in wireless mice, so choose something with an extended life, or at the very least something which has an on/off switch to preserve battery life.

The tap-tap of a keyboard and the click of a mouse combined with the phones ringing and background chatter, can make offices noisy places to be. So, products which dampen the noise of the mouse click or keyboard tap may be useful devices.

The original Mac mouse had just the one button, which for some users proved to be a little difficult when performing functions such as cut/copy/paste. With a multi-button mouse, the ability to right click is there without holding down a keyboard key at the same time, so why not make use of the feature? Mac systems may not allow software to be installed, meaning buttons can’t be programmed, but mice are plug and play devices and the default settings of left/right click and scrolling will work straight out of the box.

Taking all these factors into consideration when choosing a mouse will benefit the user ultimately in their productivity and comfort.

From a CHERRY perspective, products for specific areas include:

Wireless – Bluetooth / RF

MW8 Advanced Mouse (JW-8000) – New this year, this product allows use by either RF or Bluetooth and carries rechargeable batteries which are charged via the supplied USB cable. Ideal for the desktop or travelling, the side grips are unique in their design and aid grip and comfort and a switchable 600/1000/1600/3200 dpi sensor means fast, easy movement around the desktop – even on glass surfaces.

Also take into consideration the MW 2110 (JW-T0210) which is wireless using 2.4ghz Radio Frequency for interference free operation.


MW 4500 (JW-4500) – wireless and comfortable, this mouse is angled at 45 degrees for a more natural wrist position


Gentix Silent (JM-0310-2) – simple yet effective, the Gentix Silent is a two-button mouse with scroll wheel, that will plug and play via USB into any operating system. The buttons have been specially dampened to reduce noise in the workplace

Battery life

MW 2110 (JW-T0210) offers an extended an extended battery life of 18months. The new MW8 Advanced Mouse (JW-8000) has a rechargeable battery, charged by a supplied USB cable, so you’re never without power.


Wireless – all mice are supplied with a ‘nano’ receiver, making them ideal for travel.

MW8 Advanced Mouse (JW-8000 – 600/1000/1600/3200dpi switchable)
MW 2110 – 1000/1500/2000dpi switchable),
MW 4500 (JW-4500 – 600/900/1200dpi switchable)


Gentix Silent (JM-0310-2 – 1000dpi)
MC 1000 (JM-0800-2 – 1000dpi)
MC 2000 (JM-0600-2 – 1600dpi)

So, is a mouse worth a little consideration in the future? Surely spending a little more time choosing the right one will have a positive increase on productivity and, most of all, comfort at the desktop.

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