A shortlist of the best “Country Roads” Fallout 76 memes we’ve seen this year

fallout 76 memes

At long last. Fallout 76 is finally out and in “the place [it belongs]” (AKA, our shelves) – and we don’t think we could ​be more ready.

Since first watching ​the official trailer​ at Bethesda’s E3 conference earlier this year, we’ve been desperate to get our hands on the next installment of the Fallout franchise: satisfying ourselves, in the meantime, with back-to-back replays of “Take Me Home, Country Roads”.

We’re sure you’ve heard of it.

“Country Roads” (which appears on the trailer and in-game over the radio) has become the official hype-track of Fallout 76 for its fans – and, as with most things that are popular nowadays, a ​ton of juicy memes have been made to honour it.

Once just a wholesome country tune, John Denver’s classic has officially stolen the Internet’s hearts (including ours)  we’ve put together a few of our favourite Fallout 76 memes.

1. This one which describes literally everyone’s reaction after watching the trailer.

fallout 76 memes


2. The one with the… “passionate” birdsong…

fallout 76 memes


3. … and the animated version…

Even more beautiful. *Sob.*

4. This one, which is actually a real-life playlist.

fallout 76 memes

We’re forever grateful, Joe Mag.

5. And this one, which preeeetty much sums up every single one of us.

fallout 76 memes


6. This one, which illustrates “Country Roads” total domination of the internet.

fallout 76 memes

It’s everywhere.

7. This one with everyone’s favourite tortured seagull.

fallout 76 memes

Sing (/scream) it with heart.

8. This one with the appropriate road instructions.

fallout 76 memes

West Virginia? Yes yes, right this way.

9. This one with the sleepless nights.

It’s the perfect lullaby.

10. And this one, where we call out the secret service for spying on us.

fallout 76 memes

And now for listen 7,995!

11. And this one – which is actually just the song looped for 10 hours.

Because what else are going to fill our time doing while we were waiting for release day?

So there you have it. The Internet in all its ridiculous glory delivers once again. Whether or not Fallout 76 will be a commercial success is another question – gamers will ultimately be the judge of that – but no matter what happens, we’ll always have our “Country Roads” memes to look back on.

Fallout 76 – yay or nay? Tell us what you think about Bethesda’s latest title at our official Twitter page @EbuyerGaming ​or share your top “Country Roads” memes with us. There’s always room for more!

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