The Good Robot Report – expect a robot in every home within 50 years

good robot report

The Good Robot report suggests 60% of UK adults believe there will be a robot in every home within the next 50 years. Robots are expected to be used around the house to help with chores and offer companionship. The Good Robot Report was commissioned by Anki.

What the Good Robot report says

The report suggests many people would use a robot to carry out household tasks. These include washing up and tidying. But people identified companionship as a positive feature of such devices. Which is a little bit sad. What’s wrong with getting a dog?

robot doing the dishesThe survey said

On the subject of interacting with robots, 16% said they would want a robot to keep them company. 13% would use a robot to offer companionship to a pet, child or elderly relative.

The Good Robot report says the rise of virtual assistants built into smartphones and smart speakers shows many people are already becoming accustomed to interacting with AI and robotics technology.

Figures suggest ownership of AI-powered smart speakers in the UK has doubled in the last year.

However, the report also highlights lingering concerns around the rise of the technology. 36% of those surveyed saying they fear such robots could be hacked and turned against humans.

Thirty-one percent said they were worried that robots could cost them their job.

nhs roboticsFuturist and The Envisioners chief executive Dave Coplin, who wrote the Good Robot report, said: “Despite movies painting a picture of robots as villains, a huge proportion of Brits are open to embracing a life with robots.

“This report has revealed the numerous benefits that robots can offer us. From helping us with everyday tasks to allowing us to spend more of our time doing the things we love.

“I for one welcome the robots into our lives. Not as our overlords or our slaves. But as our companions combining the best of both worlds to create a better future for all of us.

human and robot“The rise of the machines may well have already started. But it is entirely down to us humans to decide whether this story ends in a Hollywood cliche or the emancipation of the human race.”

Hmmm – I’m still betting on killer robots eventually taking over the world. It’s the logical thing for them to do.

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