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Cat treadmills among latest gadgets at CES

gadgets at ces

Cat treadmills and artificial intelligence-powered tractors and combine harvesters are among the most talked about gadgets at CES.

The annual trade show in Las Vegas saw thousands of small start-ups making their first appearance at the event alongside established tech brands.

These are just some of the devices spotted on the show floor.

– The door that can stop package theft

eDor is a new smart door delivery and security system that looks to end the days of parcels and other deliveries being left outside, open to the elements and opportunistic thieves.

The special doors, which fit within most current door frames, uses fold-out compartments attached to the inside of the door, where deliveries can be placed securely until owners can retrieve them.

The system uses near field communication (NFC) technology, with digital keys provided to delivery drivers.

The developers have also created a temperature-controlled storage space designed to handle groceries, as well as a special tether which can be attached to larger parcels – with any unauthorised removal setting off an alarm.

– A cat treadmill

It is not just humans who are having their fitness needs catered for by gadgets at CES this year. One start-up is showing off a treadmill designed to keep cats fit.

The large, hamster wheel-like device is aimed at “overweight” cats and combines with a smartphone app to allow owners to track their pet’s progress.

cat trhreadmill gadgets at ces

(Screenshot / Little Cat (

The wheel, made by The Little Cat, also includes LED lights to spark a cat’s interest.

– The self-cleaning litter tray

The Footloose Auto Cat Toilet by Petato has raised more than a million dollars on Kickstarter and has now made its way to the trade show.

The self-cleaning litter box automatically funnels out waste after each use and also has a companion app. Using a range of sensors, it is able to distinguish between different cats in multi-pet households and act as a basic health monitor.

– John Deere’s AI combine harvester

gadgets at ces

(Martyn Landi/PA)

Probably one of the biggest gadgets at CES. Agriculture giant John Deere showed off an enormous connected combine harvester.

It uses artificial intelligence, cameras and other sensors to track the quality of grain coming into the machine and adjusting its settings automatically.

Farmers can also monitor this from a companion smartphone app.

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