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Nike Adapt BB the self-lacing shoes controllable from a smartphone

nike adapt bb

The Nike Adapt BB will go on sale in the UK in February.

Nike has unveiled a new pair of connected shoes which are self-lacing and can be controlled from a smartphone.

The new Nike Adapt BB contain what the sportswear firm called power laces. They tighten or loosen the shoes at the press of a button either on the shoes or through a connected smartphone app.

The company says the shoes, which are designed for basketball, can be programmed to remember different fit settings. And users can switch between them in different situations. Such as moving from playing a game to resting on the sidelines. Users are also able to customise light settings and “download updates” on the shoes.

However, Nike confirmed the shoes will require charging, and a recharging mat will come with each pair of shoes.

The firm said the shoes will initially go on sale in the US for 350 dollars (£272), but will be made available globally on February 17.

It added that it plans to expand the technology used in the shoes to other sports and shoe ranges in the future.

Of course the question remains. Why?

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