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Windows 7 EOS set for January 14, 2020.

Microsoft is to start warning users of Windows 7 that the still massively popular operating system is nearing its end-of-support date. There’s only 10 months to go until the company stops maintaining the software.

Windows 7 EOS notifications

Notifications informing users of PCs still running Windows 7 will start to appear in April. They will continue to pop up a “handful of times” throughout 2019. But you do have the option to switch them off.

According to NetMarketShare stats, 38% of PCs still run Windows 7. This compares to 40% who use the latest version, Windows 10.

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“By starting the reminders now, our hope is that you have time to plan and prepare for this transition,” said Matt Barlow, corporate vice president of Windows.

“These notifications are designed to help provide information only. And, if you would prefer not to receive them again you’ll be able to select an option for ‘Do not notify me again.’ We won’t send any other reminders.”

What will happen with Windows 7 EOS?

Microsoft winds down operating systems in two stages. It begins with mainstream support where new features are no longer added but security patches continue to be produced. Windows 7’s mainstream support ended in January 2015.

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7 joins other defunct Windows (Neil Munns/PA)

As the operating system nears its 10th year since release, the second phase, end of extended support, has been marked for January 14 2020.  On that date Microsoft will cease all work on Windows 7. PCs still running it after the cut-off date could face software bugs and issues.

The move will also spell the end of support for Office 2010.

Windows 7 was first launched to the public in October 2009. It replaced the less popular Windows Vista which failed to lure people away from the successful Windows XP.

XP still has a small percentage of users today, despite support ending in 2014.

Are you still using Windows 7? Let us know why in the comments box below.

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  1. Several of the older programs I use will run in Windows 7 32 bit also Windows 10 is very memory hungry and Microsoft keep altering names of utilities, in Control Panel Display has gone, Personalisation is gone and being in my latter years I do not like change for changes sake and prefer to not have to learn how to do what I want
    every time a Windows 10 change is made. If Microsoft were designing motor cars they would change the position of the clutch with the foot brake and move the accelerator pegal to the steering wheel.

  2. If it ain’t broke…
    Windows 7 is the best o/s Microsoft has ever made. It is great. It has no problems that I can find. There was no need for Windows 10. It offers no benefits to the user over W7 that I can see. It’s designed to hide away any control (just try and find control panel) everything is called by a new name for no reason. Was the reason Windows 10 was given away that it was pointless and nobody in their right mind would pay for it? C’mon – someone tell me a worthwhile benefit of 10 over 7. Waiting…

  3. its all to do with security – Microsoft’s financial security.

    having a user base happy with Win7 and not paying over fresh money periodically butters no parsnips for MS.

  4. W7 for me any day, though I just wished that they’d tweaked XP. One of my W7 pcs is off the internet permanently and runs like a cheetah!

  5. I have a 2011-vintage Samsung N145 plus with an Atom N455 CPU and a 250-GB hard disk. I’m using it when I need a lightweight machine with a long battery life and no need for Internet. It came with Win7 Starter + 1GB RAM and worked quite well, but after I accepted the free “upgrade” to Win10 and it s-l-o-w-e-d, even when I upped the RAM to 2 GB. Going back to Win7 Starter (with SR1) brought back its original responsiveness. So why can’t MS provide us with a speedy lightweight version of Windows, even if it’s a stripped-down version of Win10?

  6. My experience of Microsoft software goes all the way back to MS Dos3.1/3.1.1 and Windows 2.0! I’ve HAD TO use Microsoft’s various offerings at work but have always preferred Apple OS’s for my image processing work and general intuitive ease of use. Currently using Windows 7 (SP1) with few issues. the rest of the family use Windows 10 and are constantly asking for help because the layout is like the historic versions of Windows COUNTER-INTUITIVE, of course to make you go for upgrades when the MS “quirks” eventually wear you down! That’s why MS have nicked so much from Apple/Apple-based software. They had a good GUI way before “windows” appeared!

    As some of the other comments have said MS have ALWAYS :
    a) Treated the consumer as their “Alpha/Beta Tester”
    b) ADDED code to already huge os’s with each new version WITHOUT getting rid of the dross,
    c) Tried to persuade us users that the NEW all singing all dancing version is a must have because the previous version is slowing down.
    d) MBs of updates at regular intervals fix and re-fix “bugs” at the expense of an ever burgeoning size of OS,
    We’re never going to get away from all this designed obsolescence. It’s been there all the time in all consumer goods it’s just that it obeys Moore’s Law rather than a slower set of iterations

  7. Oddly enough I was chatting to my Window Cleaner (no joke) and his mate this afternoon about how bad we thought Windows 10 is and that we all preferred windows 7.

    My main desktop PC is Windows 7 and is my favourite windows version and I intend to use it long after EOS unless Microsoft revamps Windows 10.

    My back-up PC is Windows XP which I also use to run older software and hardware, which is a very close second favourite of the windows version.

    My latest laptop came installed with Windows 10 unfortunately, which is my least favoured windows version I have for the same reasons as others have quoted and not least I find the visual interface uninspiring, bring back windows aero.

    The only positive I can say about windows 10 is,.. that it is a bit better than windows 8 & 8.1


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