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Kitchen Tech and Healthy Eating

There’s a new, exciting move towards healthy kitchen tech these days – so don’t get left behind with your out-dated and unhealthy machines. Clear a space on your work-top, as the new, healthy pieces of tech are not only good for you, they look cool too!

Air-Frying Tonight…

Vida Air Fryer

Air-fryers are the new kid on the healthy block. The Vida Air Fryer means you can enjoy your food without using oil and up to 80% less fat from fried food. It’s futuristic and at first glance looks like Darth Vader’s helmet. It’s easy to clean and a much safer piece of equipment than the traditional deep-fat fryer.

The Right Blend of Tech

Blenders have been around for ages. There’s no better way to produce cool, great-tasting and healthy smoothies in just a few seconds. With a movement towards healthy lifestyles, blenders are the perfect addition to your kitchen tech collection. They are ideal for the sporty, nutrition conscious, and those trying to move the children away from those sugar-laden treats.

Tech a look at Blenders…

Fruit and vegetable juicers are an important part of your kitchen tech armoury. These cool gadgets extract the juice from the pulp of fruit and vegetables leaving you with all the goodness. In the past, juicers took longer to clean than the inside of your car after a holiday with the kids. These days they are also much easier to clean, leaving you with a fun, positive experience in double-quick time!

What the Cook??

Another great leap for mankind is the Halogen Oven. These little beauties are compact, powerful cooking machines that sit on your table-top and provide fast, efficient cooking. You don’t have to be the next Gordon Ramsey to make delicious, juicy meals – owning a halogen oven is like winning Masterchef!

Grills, ovens and hobs are the core appliances in most people’s kitchens, but halogen ovens are actually healthier, faster, easier and more versatile than traditional cooking methods. That sounds amazing, but it’s also true. These compact ovens are designed to drain away fat during cooking, so you can do a Sunday roast without the unhealthy fat.

They are also versatile and are perfect for steaming vegetables, which unlike boiling them, retains the food’s nutrients rather than washing them away in boiling water. You can use a halogen oven to grill, steam, bake, thaw, roast or toast your food. Or just use it to keep your food warm until later.


What’s one of the most annoying things about your own oven? We think one of most frustrating things is that you can’t see how the food is cooking… Not unless you are prepared to risk doing your back in trying to get down to floor level! Halogen ovens are great because not only can you see the food in progress, steamed up glasses and wasted heat are a thing of the past. Not only are there lots of health reasons for using a halogen oven, they are also a brilliant energy saver. And they are also doing their bit to help the earth last a bit longer!

halogen oven

Weigh this up…

You wouldn’t necessarily think of kitchen scales being a ‘healthy’ piece of culinary tech equipment – but think about this: Accurate scales mean that you are not guessing at the amount of those ingredients – and when people guess, they tend to go above the amount required, which means additional calories. All these small improvements in your kitchen awareness mean improvements in your health, which can only be a good thing.

As improvements continue to be made in technology, all you have to do is embrace them and before you know it, your healthy lifestyle just got a little bit healthier!

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