Microsoft on removing USB storage devices from a PC

removing usb storage device from pc

Microsoft has set the record straight on fears of data loss when removing USB storage devices from a Windows 10 PC. They’ve confirmed you no longer have to use the safely remove hardware feature. So more more worrying when you pull a flash drive out without thinking.

It has long been considered essential to click the safely remove option in the operating system, found by right clicking the USB icon at the bottom of the screen. But since the latest October update to Windows 10, it’s no longer necessary.

Microsoft says it’s changed the way Windows handles USB devices. It’s moved to a “quick removal” method, which makes it secure to remove devices at any time. Unless documents and files are still open and being read from it.

Anyone using older versions of Windows 10 or Windows more widely should continue to use the safely remove feature to avoid data loss.

Last month, Microsoft started warning users of Windows 7 that the operating system is nearing its end-of-support date. There’s only a few months to go until the company stops maintaining the near decade-old software.


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